What Does A Lucky Egg Do In Pokemon Go? 3 Uses Of Lucky Eggs

Just as the name is already suggesting, obtaining a lucky egg definitely proves to be quite useful to the Pokemon Go players. But knowing this much is not enough, it is important to understand its uses and benefits in the game so you can decide if getting a lucky egg is worth it or not. So, today we will find out what does a lucky egg do in Pokemon Go. 

With the help of a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go, the players can double the level of XP that they earn. However, this advantage of double XP lasts a limited period of time. If you need to know a lot more about these Lucky Eggs and how to obtain them, then you will have to keep reading.

Apart from the basis of Pokemon Go which is battling and catching several Pokemon, there are also certain items that provide privileges to the players or help them advance speedily in the game. Such items include Pokemon Candies, incense pots, Lure Modules, and even some special kinds of Eggs

Lucky Eggs are quite mysterious for a lot of Pokemon Go players and we are here to unleash the secret of these eggs in front of you, so be ready. 

What Does A Lucky Egg Do In Pokemon Go?

You must already be aware of XP in Pokemon Go. XP refers to the Experience Points that the players require in order to raise their trainer level. When they reach the higher trainer levels, they get certain more features unlocked in the game that are quite useful to them, for instance, nominating new PokeStops or increasing the maximum level of their Pokemon. 

Lucky Eggs in Pokemon Go are also directly linked to this XP. When you have a Lucky Egg in your inventory, you can use it to get the double amount of XP in the game. This is the job of a lucky egg in Pokemon Go. 

However, the privilege of getting doubled XP lasts only thirty minutes from the activation of a lucky egg. But, that’s not an issue because players can collect as many Lucky Eggs as they want to and then they can stack the effects of up to 200 Lucky Eggs altogether in place of using just one for only thirty minutes.

So if you collect 200 lucky eggs and use all of them together to stack their effects, you can get a total of 6000 consecutive minutes for which the Lucky Eggs will keep showing their effects and you will be getting your XP double the amount all this time. 

These Lucky Eggs can also prove to be of great help if you are looking forward to improving the level of friendship with a friend of yours in the game. This works great especially when you are planning to become Ultra Friends or Best friends because during this time you can earn the maximum amount of XP in Pokemon Go. 

Apart from this, it would also be great if you consider using the Lucky Eggs when you are going to clear some Special Research Tasks. So, what you have to do is save the Special Research tasks and wait to clear them before you use a Lucky Egg. 

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How To Get Lucky Eggs In Pokemon Go?

Now that you know how great it is to have even a handful of Lucky Eggs,  you must be wondering where you can get these useful Lucky Eggs from, right? If you are thinking that you can receive these lucky eggs by spinning the PokeStops, then that is not going to help no matter how many PokeStops you visit. 

If you want to collect Lucky Eggs in Pokemon Go, you can either purchase them from the in-game store of the game, or you may also receive them in the form of rewards when you level up in the game. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you are now all clear about the importance and usage of Lucky Eggs in Pokemon Go and the main reason for which these eggs have been termed as the “Lucky” ones. So, go ahead and collect as many lucky eggs as you wish so that you can also earn the maximum amount of XP in Pokemon Go.

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