What does Aqua Affinity do in Minecraft?

What does Aqua Affinity do in Minecraft?

Want to know what does aqua affinity do in Minecraft? Firstly do you know what is aqua affinity actually? If yes then it is great but if no then let me tell you what is aqua affinity. It is one of many enchantments in Minecraft and it can be confusing for you what does it do for the player. 

You should know that the enchantments in Minecraft are a great way. It helps to power up the player’s character or it will gain some of the useful utility. And some of the enchantments in the game will give the players a direct boost that will help the players to boost their damage. On the other hand, some of the enchantments make it harder for the players to break certain tools.

Now talking about the aqua affinity enchantment it will provide a utility to the player that will help the player to make their life a lot easier. It can make an easy task for the player in certain situations. Players in the game will find anything or any kind of item that is enchanted with an aqua affinity or see any of the options on their enchanting table will exactly know what it does.

What does Aqua Affinity do in Minecraft?

The players who are at the initial level of the Minecraft game should definitely know how to get the Aqua Affinity enchantment. They should know how to do this and the several methods to do this in Minecraft. The several ways to do this are they need to find a villager that will trade with an aqua affinity enchanted helmet, they need to enchant a helmet at the enchanting table,  they need to use an anvil and also an enchanted book. So from this, it is clear for the players now that this enchantment can now only be applied to the helmets.

Now here comes the question what do the enchantments actually do? And how does it help the players? It is helpful for the players in the way that they need to spend a lot of time building underwater. When the helmet is connected with Aqua Affinity will be equipped the speed of the player of breaking block will not be affected or it will not get reduced when they are underwater.

Talking about the normal circumstances when they are underwater it will eventually higher the time that will take to break the blocks but when this helmet enchantment is equipped then it will completely negate that effect. It might come in handy for most of the players when there is a lot of different time.

For the players in the game that loves to build while they are in survival mode then this Aqua Affinity is something that is a must for those players when they are making something underwater. All the players need to keep the track of their oxygen levels and they should be able to break the blocks fast as it is vital for them to speed up in the building process.

Even the players who are great adventurers will get a lot of use from this kind of block and in case they want to explore something underwater like a monument then it is great. Players will need to break the blocks if they want to find a way when any of the structures is submerged in the water.

This enchantment makes it easier for the player and it helps to consume to gather prismarine from underwater temples. It also removes the penalty for mining underwater for the players as it takes five more times for the item to be broken.

In case you need to have the best chance of getting the aqua affinity for a helmet then the players need to surround the enchanting table along with the bookshelves. It’s a pretty good investment for the players who are trying to get aqua affinity as it will increase the level of the enchantments and also at the same time the quality of the enchantments. 

When the players are underwater they won’t be caught easily as it is situational enchantment and less number of players use this and it doesn’t always come into play.

Aqua Affinity is not available for everything but is available for the following versions of Minecraft. It is available for Java edition (PC/Mac). It is available for Pocket Edition (PE). aqua affinity is available for Xbox 360. It is available for Xbox One. It is available for PS3. Aqua affinity is available for PS4. It is available for Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Windows edition, and also for the education edition.

Talking about the maximum level of the aqua affinity then it is level one. This means that you can enchant the item that you are choosing to enchant up to aqua affinity 1 and you can do nothing above that enchantment.

There are different items that you can enchant with aqua affinity in Minecraft and they are: You can enchant a book, you can know how to make a diamond helmet, know how to make a golden heart, you can know how to make an iron helmet, you can know how to make a leather cap, how to make a chain helmet. Along with this know-how to make a netherite helmet, how to make a turtle shell and you can know how to make a dyed leather cap.

There are many other enchantments in Minecraft like Aqua Affinity and they are Unbreaking, sweeping edge, thorns, smite, sharpness, silk touch, soul speed, riptide, punch, respiration, power, projectile protection, quick charge, piercing, multishot, loyalty, mending, lure, luck of the sea, impaling, looting, infinity, impaling, fortune, frost walker, fire protection, efficiency, feather falling, depth strider, flame, fire aspect, channeling, the curse of vanishing, the curse of binding, blast protection, and bane of arthropods.

So this was all about the aqua affinity enchantment in Minecraft that you should know about in the game. If you know anything extra that we didn’t mention here then do mention that in our comment section we would definitely love to add that to our piece of work.

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