What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft?

What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft?

We know that Minecraft offers so many enchantments to the players that can be used at many places. Similarly, there is another enchantment called Impaling enchantment.

Do you know what does impaling do in Minecraft? Or do you know anything about impaling enchantment? If not then don’t worry as we will tell you everything about impaling enchantment that you should know.

Impaling enchantment helps in adding tridents in the game in version 1.13 and this means that it is suitable for only tridents. It depends upon in which edition you are playing whether you are playing in Java Edition or Bedrock Edition the impaling enchantment will have different abilities and also has different effects over mobs.

This impaling enchantment will cause the tridents to deal with more damage to aquatic creatures. This differs in Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition. Talking about the Java Edition there only aquatic mobs will receive more damage and this will not include the regular mobs that are there in the water. Talking about the mobs that are drowned in water also doesn’t receive a lot of damage and they are considered undead mob instead of an aquatic mob.

And now talking about the bedrock edition there the mobs needs to deal with some extra damage and also the players need to deal with extra damage that is in contact with water. This will include all the mobs and the players that are in rain. Now lets’ not discuss something else and start with what does impaling do in Minecraft. We will discuss everything about impaling here so keep reading.

What does impaling do in Minecraft?

The impaling enchantment in Minecraft helps to increase the damage of a trident when it is used on aquatic creatures and mobs. The level of the damage that is increased will also scale with the level of capping at level five. Impaling enchantment has different functions for both java edition and bedrock edition. 

In the java edition, the extra damage that is enchanted from a trident will affect all the mobs and the players that are in contact with any type of water and this is similar to that of the bedrock edition. This will result in a possible change in the enchantment ability in the java edition. In the updated version of 1.17 of Java Edition, this was also shown that this impaling enchantment will deal with some extra damage to Axolotls. 

This impaling enchantment will basically affect the aquatic mobs in the Java edition and not the land mobs that are there in the water. The drowning mobs will also not receive any kind of extra damage from this impaling enchantment as they are undead mobs and not aquatic mobs. but all the mobs will get extra damage to those who are in contact with water or rain in bedrock edition.

Does impaling enchantment affect players?

Now let’s answer this does impaling affects players or not? What do you think about this? Yes, this impaling enchantment will affect all types of mobs and also the players that are in any kind of water body. But this will not apply in all the editions of Minecraft. As it works differently for java edition and it world different for the bedrock edition. 

This impaling enchantment is offensively applied to your weapons. This is very unique in its way and it has a long way in the game. This impaling enchantment will be applied to an extra damage boost to the trident and it can use against aquatic mobs and it has a total of five levels and the damage can be added accordingly and also it will be scaled accordingly.

Impaling enchantment uses

Although this is restricted to trident only but it can be used best on aquatic mobs and it will also aid players in a lot of different ways like underwater mob fights and monumental raids.

Firstly talking about monumental raids these raids will take much time as these monuments have different layers and there are different chambers that are guarded by tough mobs like the guardian and Elder Guardian. From the impaling enchantment, you can use some extra damage and then the players can defeat these mobs faster and they can have a faster raid.

Now talking about the underwater mob fights. This impaling enchantment is used best to fight against underwater mobs that are drowned and they can be used best to fight when they are fishing or when they are exploring a sunken ship. 

You can get the impaling enchantment with the help of enchamtning trident with unbreaking or mending or you can also do this with loyalty. This is quite rare and you should not lose your trident. 

Impaling enchantment damage

Talking about the damage the trident will deal when it will be added to the impaling enchantment it will deal some xtra damage that will be based on the level of the impaling. At every level of impaling the extra damage is capped at 2.5 level and this means that 1.25 hearts bars will be multiplied with the levels. 

Then this damage will be increased by 2.5 per level so this means that the impaling enchantment will deal 0 melee damage of nine and also the range of the damage that will be of eight. The impaling enchatment will deal with melee damage of 21.5 at level five and talking about the ranged damage it will damage 20.5 at maximum level. 

Impaling enchantment compatibility

Talking about the impaling enchantment compatibility it is strictly compatible for the trident and this is not compatible for any other items like hoe, shovel, sword, and arrows. This impaling enchantment will also not work on armor parts like leggings, boots, chest plates, and helmets. If the trident is already enchanted with the riptide enchantment that trident will not be compatible with the impaling enchantment.

This impaling enchantment can not be enchanted on a sword as this is meant for trident only. This is only made for land mobs and this has enchantments like smite, sharpness, and also the bane of anthropods and this will increase the damage against mobs and the players. This enchantment will deal with some extra damage to ocean creatures and also deals with a weapon that was created in the ocean and it will make sense for the lore of Minecraft.

So this was all about what does impaling do in Minecraft. We told you everything about impaling enchantment like its uses, impaling enchantment compatibility, how much damage it can deal with and how this enchantment affects the player. Still, if you have any doubt then you can ask us in the comment section. We are always here for you.

Have a good time playing Minecraft

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