What happened to Big E WWE | Former Champion Big E Suffers Broken Neck During SmackDown

What happened to Big E WWE

The former WWE Champion and eight time tag team champion The Big E had a broken neck in WWE SmackDown this evening on Fox.

The accident occurred in a game where The member from The New Day was suplexed by Ridge Holland and was then struck directly on top of his head. Big E was stretchered out and then gave a thumbs-up to the crowd. He updated his Twitter account shortly afterwards where he said the hands can move and isn’t paralyzed, but his neck was fractured.

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What happened to Big E WWE | See Big E’s injury announcement here:

What happened to Big E WWE

“I cannot thank each of you beautiful people for all your care and emails, ” said Big E. “It’s extremely touching. I’m able to move all of my fingers, which is always an excellent thing. The strength feels good however the doctors are telling me that my neck has been injured. That’s the problem. Thank you again to everyone. I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. Don’t fret, just get to bed. Don’t be worried about me But truly, thank you. I am grateful to all of you.”

Here’s sending Big E an easy recovery, so that The New Day can rock once again.

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Big E suffers broken neck after a fall that he did not intend to make upon his head in WWE SmackDown

Big E suffered a broken neck during the Friday episode of SmackDown. He was able to walk away after a disastrous landing in the show’s first match. A former WWE champion was thrown onto the top of his head after taking an attack outside the boxing ring.

Big E and Kofi Kingston Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus and Ridge Holland started the show on Friday’s WWE SmackDown. Amid this match Holland hit a stomach-to-belly suplex on Big E outside the Ring. Big E did not fully turn his back, but instead was able to take the bump square on his top. Big E seemed to suffer injuries, and was laid motionless when he fell to the ground. Michael Cole noted that medical personnel were on hand to treat the injured singer New Day.

He posted a video on social media, confirming the serious injuries he suffered and confirming that he was safe.

“I cannot thank all of you beautiful people for your concern and messages. It’s heart-warming,” Big E said. “I can change all my fingers and digits, you’ll notice it’s great. It’s always a plus. It feels strong however at the moment, they say my neck is injured. I’ll be fine I’ll be fine Don’t be worried.”

The footage filmed by the fans who were the crowd was of fans watching Big E being stretchered away during the game. WWE did not broadcast footage of the star being stretched out. The show will usually include footage of medical personnel if the injury was written as part of an angle for storytelling.

WWE has yet to issue any statement on Big E’s situation.

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