What Happened To Bob Saget? New Information on His Last Hours

What Happened To Bob Saget?

As Bob Saget was seated in room 962 at the Ritz Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes hotel in Florida on January. 7, the 65-year-old actor seemed to be sporting the energy of a man of half his age.

“He was laughing and waved to the people at the entrance,” a hotel employee says to PEOPLE in the latest issue. What Happened To Bob Saget? “When people requested photos, he would sprint over and get their phones to snap photographs with them. He would laugh throughout the entire time. He was always a happy ball with a positive attitude.”

However, by the time the weekend had ended, Saget was found dead in his hotel mattress at the time of his death in January. 9. This raised many questions about how the beloved actor could have passed away so abruptly.

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The mystery was further exacerbated as Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany, MD, later disclosed in the autopsy report it was his death had been “the result of an injury to his head,” ruling the cause of death an accident that was not connected to any illegal drugs or toxic substances. Furthermore, the comedian’s autopsy found that he had serious fractures in the rear of his head and eyes at the time of his death.

What Happened To Bob Saget?

PEOPLE talked to several of the people involved in the investigation into Saget’s death. “It’s certainly an unusual situation,” an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy says. “There remain lots of questions that remain unanswered.”

When Saget was captured in surveillance footage, the footage showed him exiting the elevator on the 9th floor and strolling down the hallway toward his bedroom. The authorities who have watched the video inform PEOPLE that nothing appeared unusual: Saget displayed no signs of anxiety.

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By using his key card, Saget went into his apartment at 2:07 am and hung a “Do not disturb” plaque on the knob, closing the door from inside. The door was not opened until the next day when security at the hotel found the dead man.

Researchers have put together an explanation of the reason Saget died.

The authorities inspected the marble end countertops and tables in the bathroom, but they found no evidence of hair or blood. The authorities believe that Saget became unconscious while in the bathroom and then fell backward on the marble floor, hitting his head.

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It is believed that sleepy Saget recovered consciousness and fell into bed, but he went to sleep and later lost consciousness and passed away. His death was believed to be between 4:00, and 4:00 am, or 12 hours before the body was discovered.

As the police are preparing to close the investigation into the death of Saget, family members of the actor have decided to remember the happy memories they shared with him.

“We all would like to keep Bob’s memory in the present,” his Full House co-star Candace Cameron Bure tells PEOPLE. “I would like to tell stories about Bob and tell about the laughs and good times. It’s a feeling of comfort.”

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