What Happened to Leah Marlene?

A comedy podcast hosted and produced by Akaash Singh and Andrew Schulz, Flagrant 2 offers raw and unfiltered views to its listeners. But What Happened to Leah Marlene?

Andrew is an American comedian, actor, podcaster, and TV producer. He is best known for his work with MTV 2’s Guy Code and The Brilliant Idiots podcast and the Flagrant two podcast.

Akaash Singh is an Indian-American comedian, actor, and podcaster. He is most well-known for his Stand-Up Special on YouTube, Bring Back Apu, and Flagrant, two podcasts with Andrew Schultz.

The duo is also available on Patreon, where they address their patrons as the Asshole Army, allowing them to interact with their audience. This happens twice per week. The podcast started in 2017 and has been running for nearly 6 years.

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What Happened to Leah Marlene? What Do They Cover?

Everything from politics to entertainment topics. Everything, from Elon Musk’s tweets to Johnny Depp’s court case and Amber Heard, to Joe Biden, to Trans Women. It’s as simple and yet so complex.

Comedy comedians are here to share unfiltered opinions we might not have voiced due to society’s judgment. Two brave souls have decided to speak out against society’s judgments and offer their opinions and questions.

The podcast has a simple format where the two talk to one another and share their lives. It is light-hearted and entertaining, and the conversation is casually humorous.

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Should you Stream It?

You should not be easily offended if you’re not one of these people. The podcast is about bold opinions that are bound to make people uncomfortable. You should only listen if you feel you can handle what the men throw at you.

Also, disclaimer: there is active profanity. Before you decide to see this piece, be sure that you are comfortable with strong language.

When Is It Over?

The comedian spoke about the growth and moving forward. He also addressed the need for Flagrant 2 to be completed.

They then proceeded to destroy and demolish their studio quite casually. It makes me wonder how much money they’ve got.

This may seem like bad news for podcast listeners, but Schulz’s promise that he would see the ‘asshole armies’ on the other side could hint at the possibility of a new podcast season. Although there is no official announcement, it seems that nothing has been set in stone. The audience can still hope for a new season of Comical Saga.

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Where to Stream It?

You can listen to the podcast via Soundcloud, Audible, Spotify, YouTube, and Patreon. Patrons can also access special episodes.

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