What Happened With Clayton, Susie, Rachel and Gabby in The Bachelor’ Season 26 Finale

What Happened With Clayton, Susie, Rachel and Gabby in The Bachelor’ Season 26 Finale

The 26th season of The Bachelor featured the age of 28 Clayton Echard, a medical sales representative from Eureka, Missouri. Echard was ranked eighth in the 18th episode of The Bachelorette featuring Michelle Young.

The series ended on the 15th of March 2022. The season ended with Echard’s final pick, 28-year-old wedding videographer Susie Evans, rejecting him. But, in Live After the Final Rose special it was revealed they have since been together and were planning to settle at Virginia Beach.

If you aren’t aware of what Happened With Clayton, Susie, Rachel and Gabby in Bachelor season 26, just go through this article. But read at your own risk as these are spoilers.

The Bachelor Season 26 Finale: What Happened With Clayton, Susie, Rachel and Gabby?

To bring everyone up quickly Last night Clayton was jokingly telling Gabby and Rachel that he was in love with the two of them. was in love with the two of them. He also to be honest was also in love with Susie. After much anxiety and tears, Gabby and Rachel ultimately chose to keep the show and visit Clayton’s parents, only for them to find out that the truth is that he was still “most” of all Susie. The good news is that the producers were lucky enough to have Susie stored away in a property in Iceland and tonight , she and Clayton will meet.

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Clayton was later seen declaring to Gabby and Rachel the fact that he’s “falling in love with the two. He then informed Susie that the two were completely in love Susie.

On a one-on-one date with Susie The Bachelor has also confessed to having a sleep with Gabby and Rachel.

Let’s see what occurred…

Following the Bachelor’s declaration in love for Susie, the contestant then asked whether he felt the same way for someone who was not him and inquired “have you ever slept with a different female?” The Sales Executive responded, “Yes, I have had a relationship with someone else.” He then added: “Yes, I have expressed my feelings toward another person.”

A devastated Susie declared that it was an enormous issue for her. She added that she doesn’t think she can get over this. At this point, Clayton nearly snapped at Susie, asking why she had not expressed her feelings about this earlier. “Why did you let us go to this point? Susie quits the event saying, ‘I don’t know how,’ suggesting the stress this was becoming for her.

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Gabby accuses Clayton of pitting the two women One against the other

Gabby thought that the”Bachelor” was trying to judge herself, Rachel, and Susie against one another. “Watching the show back seems so blurred, and you’re pitting us one others,” she told Clayton. “It appears to be a contest, and I’d previously told Clayton that I did not wish to be a member.” Gabby did not wish to feel that she was competing to be the most beautiful woman.

She believed that Clayton should have been focused on finding the perfect match for him. She wasn’t sure if he realized the importance of his words. She said to him that being deeply in love was safeguarding them from the kind of hurt he caused her.

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