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What Do You Lose When You Die In Elden Ring?

What if Elden Ring is destroyed? Will something happen to you? What do you gain and how does death work? You might have all these question in your mind related to the Elden Ring. Well, that’s why this guide will help you answer these most fundamental question. 

What will Happen if you die in Elden Ring?

  • You die and respawn at that Site of Grace where you last saw it. All Runes you had at the time of your death are gone. This location will be marked so you can return to it. Be aware that enemies may respawn along the way.
  • You can respawn at any Stake of Marike, if it is nearby. To add it to your checkpoint list you don’t need to interact with the statue .
  • If you are killed in the area, you can choose to respawn there.
  • Your HP will be replenished when you respawn at The Site of Grace
  • You have a second chance to return to the spot where you died to collect the Runes.
  • If you are killed in this journey, before you reach Runes you will lose your Rune drop location and all the Runes that you were about to get will disappear.
  • A brand new mark will be created which signifies your new place of death.

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Elden Ring: All You Lose if You Die

Elden Ring players can expect to die many times as they move through the vast open world. However, it is not clear what they lose if they are taken out by a boss or an enemy. 

Elden Ring was the latest release by Japanese developer FromSoftware, and president Hidetaka Mikazaki. These creative minds are responsible for the Dark Souls franchise. All FromSoftware’s games follow the same playstyle. 

Starting with Demons Souls, and continuing through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice , the player kills enemies to earn currency that can be used to purchase new gear or level up. This is evident in the latest title from FromSoftwares, Elden Ring which retains many of the classic souls game elements.

Elden Ring, an action-RPG in The Lands Between. The player – as one the many Tarnished– must battle a multitude of enemies and bosses in order to collect the Elden Ring’s fragments. A wide range of weapons, magic, equipment and consumables are available to assist the player on their journey. 

There is also a new crafting system that allows players to create additional equipment like arrows or bombs in the field. However, this has not been enough for many players who still find it a challenge. Miyazaki even apologised for Elden Ring being difficult.

Any runes in the inventory of a player who dies in The Lands Between will be lost. This is similar to the bloodstain mechanics in Dark Souls. The player will be able to go back to the place they were killed and retrieve the runes they dropped. 

If the player dies without recovering the runes, it will be irrecoverable. This means that rushing back can lead to disaster. There is an item that can help mitigate this loss. It’s even possible to buy it from a familiar face returning in Elden Ring.

How to get back Runes without Dying

There are several ways you can avoid fighting with enemies and retrieve Runes while still alive.

  • This mechanic works in Dark Souls games similar to bonfires. You can use the Spetral Steed Whistle or the horse mount to speed past your enemies to fulfill your mission of obtaining all Runes.
  • You can also sneak, crouch and avoid enemy completely.
  • If you do manage to catch their attention, the options are roll away, escape, block, dodging and rollaway.
  • Refer to the messages from other players for clues about a boss. If you are in for a hard fight, it is best not to have too many Runes.
  • Do not take chances and make sure you have enough Healing Items to last the journey.

Elden Ring Players can Save Their Runes with Sacrificial Twigs

The Sacrificial Twig is available from various merchants spread across The Lands Between. The price for each item, which comes in at approximately 3000 runes, can be afforded if the player has the means to pay. 

The price is well-worth it though as the player will not lose their runes if they have one of these items. The twig will however be eaten in its place. These twigs are limited in number so players should not rely on them. It would be a good idea to have some in reserve in your storage chest.

This is especially true considering the hard mandatory and optional bosses in Elden Ring. The majority of Elden Ring users will experience death on a regular basis. Many will be relieved that many of the Dark Souls series’ penalties for player deaths have been removed. 

Dark Souls2 had a mechanic that reduced the player’s maximum life with every death. Dark Souls3 used a similar system but was more flexible. Players would have lower maximum HP if they weren’t enkindled. Elden Ring chose a simpler system that means players won’t have to worry about runes.

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