What Is "about:blank" (or "about:blank#blocked") and How Do I Get Rid of It?

What Is “about:blank” and How To Get Rid of It? | about:blank#blocked

About: blank is an exclusive blank page resulting from malware, malware, or removal problems. It could also serve as an excellent home page.

You’ll get “about:blank” page each time you use your browser. What’s the simplest method to  get out of this?

About:blank is a blank web page that web browsers display when they don’t have anything other options to show. That’s it. That’s all. There’s nothing you can do to “get free off.” The issue is that the word “blank” can pop suddenly. This is why, and what to do about it.


“about:blank” is an empty page in your browser’s web browser. It appears in the absence of anything other to display. It’s not malware , but it could be the result of malware being removed. “about:blank#blocked” is sometimes displayed as the result of security software blocking access to something. “about:blank” could also be used to create a speedy page for a browser.

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About the following:

About:blank doesn’t actually “about” any thing. The term “about:” is a term that some browsers employ to allow certain features or display normal pages. Learn the full details on “about:” in this Wikipedia article.

About:blank shows a blank page like the one previously shown.

The answer is nothing more or less than a blank web page built into your browser.

The majority of browsers display something within the browser window. If they cannot figure out what else they should show, they will display: blank.

Blank is not malware however…

Because I am constantly hearing from people who believe otherwise Let me make this certain:

About:blank isn’t malware.

Your browser could be displaying a message that reads: blank due to malware.

It’s true that about:blank isn’t malware, it’s not a virus, and isn’t harmful. In the worst case, it’s an indication of malware. Malware can break things and causes your browser to be unable to show a page and, in this case, it shows about:blank instead.

The answer in these instances is to run scans that are up-to-date for malware.

Removal of malware and more about:blank

Malware could cause your browser to crash and cause it to be in a damaged or confused state. The browser could also be left in this state even after malware has been eliminated.

This means that the process of eliminating malware could confuse the browser. It could be that it showed an unrelated page created by the malware , which renders the browser without anything to display after removal. The browser needs to show something, so it shows about:blank.

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We’ve also observed reports of browsers showing the about:blank web page, concerning the element “blocked” in the last few times.

It is believed that this technique is utilized by certain security software and the security features available in certain browsers to restrict access to content or links that are considered risky or threatening. The reason for this is quite simple the browser must display a webpage, but the target of the page is blocked due to security reasons and the page is shown with about:blank instead. The word “blocked” is used to indicate what’s occurred.

If you see that often, you should review the security settings of your browser, your security software settings, and your browser extensions.

There are many reasons why this could happen it’s impossible to pinpoint a single solution that I’ve seen.

About:blank as your homepage for your browser.

Your browser’s homepage is the first page that you view when you launch the browser or press”Home” “Home” option.

You can change the homepage to whatever you’d like. “About:blank” is one possibility especially because there’s nothing on the page to displayit’s just a blank page in the end — it’s quick.

For instance, in the most current Version of Microsoft Edge, click on the ellipsis icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the main menu bar and select Settings from the menu.

On the page that results:

  • Click on startup on the left-hand menu to open the options for starting.
  • Click on Open a particular page or pages
  • Click on the Add a New page
  • Simply type in “about:blank” on the page to be added
  • Click Add

The result will show “about:blank” in the first page when you launch Microsoft Edge.

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To turn on and enable the Home button, set it to the approximate value of:

  • Click Appearance on the menu left of the screen.
  • Click on the Show home button to turn it off.
  • Simply type in “about:blank” for the homepage to visit when the button Home appears.
  • Edge Settings for the Home button
  • Edge Home setting for the Edge Home button. (Click for larger image.)

The internet browser is going to (quickly) go back to the default settings of around:blank every time you press the Home button and when you first start the browser.

How can I remove the blank page on Chrome?

About:blank isn’t something you can “get out of”. Instead, you must investigate why Chrome displays the built-in blank page. It could be because of being set to be the homepage of your browser that you can change in the Chrome Settings. It could also be the result of malware present or removed.

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