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What Is Dirty Lola? Where is She now?

Written by Michelle Buteau, Netflix’s ‘The Principles of Pleasure’ is an episodic series that examines and celebrates the complexities of pleasure for women by shining light on the many aspects of happiness. It explores our minds, bodies, and relationships to dispel age-old myths, examine the actual power of an orgasm, and in the end, provide us with information about sexual desire as well as satisfaction. Some of the experts who assisted in this regard were a sexual educator/”dildo the slinger” Dirty Lola, so today, if you’re looking to know more details about her life, here are all the details you need.

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Who is Dirty Lola?  

Dirty Lola can be described as an edutainer with wit who draws on her personal experiences and research to help end the stigma and shame surrounding sexuality and sex. She started her journey around a decade ago when she opened her own story of being a Black and queer, and polyamorous woman on the internet and created a safe environment and helped people understand their preferences or dislikes. From romance to pleasure and monogamy and an openness that is consensual as well as from trauma and healing through self-discovery, she covers everything in her work as a consultant and educator.

Lola explained it better in the Netflix original, explaining that she communicates with every client in the same way. It doesn’t matter whether they’re 18 years old or 65, or even what their relationship status might be. “I am a couple. I have grandparents and widows,” Lola said. “There’s nothing scandalous or shocking about it. People who have experienced trauma visit me, and they’re excited to try new ideas but also fearful. We sit down and discuss. My task is to discover the best solution for you.” Her knowledge and the fact that she has her own experiences to share when the need arises show she’s a perfect fit for the position.

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Where is Dirty Lola Now?  

According to what we’ve learned, Dirty Lola is based in New York, where she uses her warm, genuine honesty and witty humor to not just be an inspirational public speaker. Still, she also offers workshops and consultation sessions. Additionally, she’s the brains behind Sex Ed A Go-Go, a body and sex-positive Live variety program that allows people to ask open-minded questions on the subject discussed while enjoying go-go dancers. As if that weren’t enough, the self-described “dildo go-go slinger” is also an author, storyteller, and the creator at Spectrum Journal, and the host of the ‘Sex-Ed A Go-Go’ radio show as well as the ‘Secks Probz’ online program (with Francisco Ramirez).

Lola has a passion for entrepreneurship. She is who has decided not to let the old structures define who she is. She aims to help others achieve the same place. This is evident in her blog posts on platforms like Allure and her numerous conversations, in podcasts, or in any other form. “I would like to ensure that the people feel safe, that they are seen and feel that they’re not in isolation,” she said in an interview.

“So most of the shame that people feel about sexuality, bodies, and sexuality is rooted in the feeling of being alone. It only takes one person who says, “I’ve been there too. That’s normal; it’s okay to trigger that feeling of acceptance and curiosity.” “Second,” Lola said, “I want to help people connect to the myriad of therapists, educators, and influencers and resources available to them to help them live an enjoyable and healthy sexual life.”

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