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What is ‘Jackass’ without Bam Margera? Jackass Cast Interview

Between the corporal torture and the attempt to light an ember on the surface of submerged water from Jackass Forever, it becomes evident that something’s missing.

The majority of the cast members that starred in the show, such as Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Chris Pontius, are still in the game. They’re also more eager than ever to shed their bodies to make us laugh, and it’s certainly not an absence of effort. There are also some new actors this time around, such as the Loiter Squad’s Jasper Dolphin and comedian Rachel Wolfson, making for the largest group of Jackasses ever seen on television.

The film is doing excellent at the theater, pulling in more than $37 million in the US since its release in January and taking Spider-Man the Movie: The Only Way home from the top position on its first weekend. It’s not just critics who seem too happy with it, as the film received an average of 86% from Rotten Tomatoes and The Washington Post, calling it not only funny but “surprisingly touching.”

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The only person not in this film is West Chester’s Bam Margera, a principal of the cast who is now more famous for the grueling Internet meltdowns and hilarious stunts. In the film’s entire time of 96 minutes, there’s hardly an heartagram to be seen, nor an accent that’s hoagie mouth to be heard somehow; it’s similar to Jackass Forever suffers because Margera isn’t included.

Who Died From Jackass | Is Bam Margera Dead

However, Bam’s departure won’t surprise you for those who are fans of Jackass and Margera. Paramount Pictures, the film’s studio, terminated Bam in Jackass Forever last year after the actress allegedly breached the terms of a “wellness contract” within his agreement, which requires him to go through regular tests for alcohol and drugs as take prescription medication, TMZ reported. Margera’s dismissal came following a test that revealed that he was taking Adderall and for which the actor claims the drug is prescribed to him as per The Hollywood Reporter.

The former professional skateboarder brought a suit against the producer and claimed that the company acted in a way that constituted “inhumane or abusive or unfair and discriminatory treatment” in the course of a meeting between producer Jeff Tremaine, producer Spike Jonze as well as Knoxville” “coerced his to sign” the agreement for wellness. Tremaine, however, has been granted a restraint order against Margera following an incident where Margera was alleged to have threatened him with death.

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Thus, Jackass Forever was able to continue without Margera, at least. Margera is an appearance in a scene that features the marching band and treadmill; however, if you’re not seeking him out, you’ll likely be unable to locate the character. The credits list his name, near the end45th of the 49 characters listed. He is given a “concepts through” writer’s credit on the movie’s IMDB page the film’s page.

Bam’s absence is felt very strongly. The stunts in Jackass Foreverdon’t feel as sloppy as earlier films and the now-vintage MTV episodes. They’re more well-controlled, more deliberate, more thought-provoking, and quite surprisingly professionally- a stark contrast to the unprofessional actions in The Big Brother magazine and CKY videos that came together into”the” Jackass the franchise at the time of 2000.

Produced by Margera and Local filmmaker Joe Frantz and others, The CKY series of DVDs and tapes offered a mix of stunts, pranks, and skateboarding filmed in the Philadelphia region. More importantly, they were also the majority of people who first met not just Margera and her characters of the Chester County characters (collectively known as the “CKY Crew”), which would later be well-known to viewers of shows such as Jackass, Viva La Bam as well as Bam’s Unholy Union as well as those who passed away, including Ryan Dunn, Margera’s parents April and Phil, Brandon DiCamillo, Rake Yohn, Brandon Novak, and Chris Raab.

As with Margera Like Margera, they’re absent of Jackass Forever, as well. Raab (a.k.a. Raab Raab (a.k.a. Raab) However, he makes a brief appearance in the credits, and the film is dedicated to Dunn, who passed away at the age of age 34 in a car accident at West Goshen Township in 2011 (along with his production associate Zachary Hartwell).

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Without the CKY crew, it can seem like the show does not have the suburban Chester County mayhem that was essential to Jackass its beginnings. In the end, that distinctive local Philly chaos is a part of the DNA of the series because of Bam and co.’s contributions.

A major draw of watching a 2022-era version of Jackass is the nostalgia-inducing thrill of watching a large group of people get together and torture the hell out of each other that, at least in a sense, seems to be not present in the most recent version since this essential element of the cast is gone.

Perhaps Jackass has never had an opportunity to experience the old days. In the end, we’re old today, and so is the entire cast. They’ve had serious injuries, endured their well-publicized struggles with alcoholism in various cases, and even experienced the loss of friends similar to Dunn throughout the process. For the majority of the time, they’ve emerged with a better, more balanced outlook on life. As Pontius says in the film, “Put your money where their mouth is.

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Margera is, however, been through all of those things also. Dunn’s passing led to him being in the “deep downward spiral,” Margera said to The Inquirer in 2017. The pranks he performed as a result of his struggle with issues with his mental health and drug abuse are just as well-publicized as the struggles of cast members like Steve-O as well, if perhaps more than. He’s broken eight ribs the foot (in three locations) and his tailbone, as part of his Jackass group, he once told The Inquirer. He’s now 42 and remains the same Bam, at least when he’s public -and for the fans, it is a bit disappointing, considering how all the other Jackass characters get older.

The Jackass guys aren’t a fan too.

“It’s extremely painful,” Knoxville said of Margera’s absence in Jackass Forever in an interview Variety. “I love Bam. Everyone loves Bam. We consider him our brother, know? Just hope that the guy takes responsibility to receive the help will be needed, as we all love his well.”

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