What Were the Sons of Liberty? Is Outlander’s Cornelius Harnett Based on a Real Person?

Sons of Liberty

After leaving the position of Indian agents for the British Crown in the Starz historical drama “Outlander,” season 6, Jamie gets more determined to take on the Loyalists as they prepare for the Revolutionary War. After arriving in Wilmington to take part in a gathering that Flora MacDonald hosted in the fifth episode of season 6, Jamie is introduced to Cornelius Harnett, the leader of “the Sons of Liberty.”

Jamie is reportedly going to a gathering led by Harnett and his associates when the Lord of Fraser’s Ridge severs his allegiance to the Crown. Because the story in the 6th season is interspersed with the records of American history, one has to wonder if the Sons of Liberty and Harnett were in the same historical context. Let’s learn more!

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What was The role of Sons of Liberty?

In the movie ‘Outlander,’ The Sons of Liberty is a political organization opposed to the Loyalists to defend the rights in the colonies of 13 from dictatorship from the British Crown. The group is based on the eponymous organization that was in existence throughout the colonial period between 1765 and 1776. The organization’s foundation was to combat the taxation regulations imposed by the British empire and specifically to defend colonists from their exposure to Stamp Act in 1765 which placed a tax directly on printed material. After the repeal of this statute, the group, in the manner depicted in the show, was focused on the liberation from Great Britain.

Because taxation was the primary method of establishing his power in the 13 colonies, The Sons of Liberty fought against these laws and advocated their slogan “No Taxation with no representation.” The story shows that The Sons of Liberty was a formal underground organization with several notable officers and members. Although the group was prominent within the colonies, the organization was not strictly organized. Many groups or individuals all fought against the Crown and adopted the group’s name to create a feeling of unity among the members.

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Sons of Liberty Sons of Liberty was the organization behind the famed Boston Tea Party, the demonstration that turned to war in the Revolutionary War. This Tea Party also inspired several other protests against the Crown’s interests. During the American Revolution, the Sons of Liberty were disbanded. Members joined several committees and groups, which functioned as shadow governments on taking control of the colonies from British authorities.

Is Cornelius Harnett based on the real Person?

Indeed, Cornelius Harnett is based on a real-life person. Harnett was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States who fought against the British Crown as an American Revolutionary statesman. Harnett was appointed head of the Sons of Liberty in 1765 and led the group’s demonstrations in protest against the Stamp Act. Following the outbreak of the American Revolution, he became the first president of the North Carolina Provincial Council, which was a shadow government created by the Patriots, who controlled the state with limited power.

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Harnett was an elected member of Harnett was a member of the Continental Congress from 1777-to 1779. The Continental Congress was one of the legislatures that operated throughout the 13 colonies. The statesman also signed the Articles of Confederation, the first United States constitution. Harnett was captured and imprisoned by the British in January 1781, following the British army occupying Wilmington.

Harnett didn’t live to the fullest following his imprisonment because of his declining health. He passed away on the 28th of April 1781, following his release under parole. To pay tribute to his extraordinary role in his time in the American Revolution, Harnett County in North Carolina was named after the man.

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