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Who is Mei Sou’s Husband in When Calls the Heart? Theories

The arrival of Mei Sou, the mysterious character from Hope Valley, in the ninth season of the drama TV show “When Calls the Heart” is the highlight of the drama TV Series. She soon becomes the new pharmacist in Florence and Ned’s newly opened shop. Despite their initial reservations about hiring her, she proves to be quite efficient at her job. She is also good with animals, and she uses her skills to heal Nathan’s horse Newton following their accident.

Mei Sou is very impressed by her and seems to be concealing something about her past. Bill is shocked when she reveals that she was married and had problems with her husband. We are as curious about her mysterious husband as she is. Let’s get into it! SPOILERS BEFORE.

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Who is Mei Sou’s Husband?

Florence and Ned expect Mr. Jeffrey Lewis to be their pharmacist. They have communicated with him via written correspondence. Faith was the one to recommend him, as she worked with him at the Chicago hospital. Mei Sou, however, arrives and tells them that she is the one they had been corresponding via letters under Jeffrey Lewis’s name.

Mei Sou also reveals that Faith met her while an apprentice at Jeffrey’s hospital. This happened after Mei Sou received her degree. After proving her qualifications, Florence and Ned agree to hire her. Faith confronts Mei Sou about Jeffrey, and Mei Sou refuses any questions about her past. Faith is asked to refrain from asking her about Jeffrey’s past, and she declines.

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Mei Sou meets Bill later while she is helping Newton after Nathan’s accident. After some hesitation, she asks Bill for help regarding her past and promises to talk to him later. After her knowledge and hard work, she becomes closer to Nathan. A future romance is possible as they spend more time together.

Mei Sou does not tell Nathan anything about her past marriages or where Jeffrey is. In season 9, episode 4, titled “Straight to the Heart,” she approaches Bill again in a slightly worried state. She tells Bill that she is a fugitive on the run from Jeffrey and asks Bill for help. Bill is astonished to hear her story and promises not to tell the rest of the town.

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Although it is now confirmed that Mei Sou married Jeffrey, the truth of her actions in running away from Jeffrey and lying to Ned will only be revealed over time. However, it is possible that he was a controlling and abusive husband who hurt her. She left him and fled to Hope Valley to hide. She could also have stolen or been involved in an accident with him. This would explain why she ran and feared facing arrest.

It is unclear what happened between Jeffrey and Mei Sou, nor why she is currently in Hope Valley. However, it will undoubtedly play a key role in her relationship with Nathan. Bill, who is also involved in investigating Jeffrey, will be able to uncover more shocking details about their marital problems. Jeffrey may arrive in town to pursue his wife and cause trouble for her in the future.

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