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When Did Paula Abdul Become a Laker Girl? Was She the First Laker Girl?

 Max Borenstein and Jim Hecht created HBO Max’s “Winning Time the Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. It is a dramatic overview of why the Los Angeles Lakers became a powerhouse in the 1980s. The fifth episode focuses on the team’s preparation for their first game in the 1979-1980 season. It also sees Claire Rothman and Jeanie Buss create new strategies to draw more people to the venue.

One of these is the Laker Girls dancers hired as entertainment. Paul Abdul is introduced as the first Laker Girl on the show. If you’re wondering whether that’s the situation, here’s our information.

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What year did Paula Abdul Become a Laker Girl?

Paula grew up learning dance at a young age. She was enrolled in tap, jazz and ballet dance lessons in the early years and began dancing when she was seven years old. In Van Nuys High School in California, Paula was a cheerleader. Later, as a teenager, she began singing along with her. As time passed, Paula chose to stop dancing because she believed she was short. In this show, we witness Jeanie employing Paula for her role as a dancer, which makes Paula an original Laker girl. But, in real life, her journey was much more challenging.

Paula had watched previously her favourite Lakers play and had also seen cheerleaders cheering during the games. The girls she taught at dance camps were in the new team and encouraged her to participate. When Paula auditioned in 1980, about 1000 girls were competing for a place on the team. However, she was rejected before she was able to dance. But Paula did not quit, transforming into a different leotard style and entering the venue under a false name and then changing her look.

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She was cut again also. In the belief that the third time is the luck of the draw, Paula tried again, getting picked this time. Paula said, “I’m so proud of myself for being brave enough to do it. My dad also told me, “If it’s not written within the regulations, there are no rules. Do whatever you’re doing. ‘” Within months, Paula became the group’s choreographer and was pushed to steer towards removing the traditional cheerleading using pom-poms and instead towards dancing.

Is Paula Abdul the First Laker Girl?

Although it’s not been established, Paula wasn’t the initial Laker Girl; she certainly is the most well-known dancer from the group. About her time in the group, Paula said, “I joined the Laker girls to have amusement. But these weren’t only games. There’s a thriving show-biz industry in the area too. There are plenty of people from the entertainment industry at the front of the stage.” When she was in 1984, the Jacksons met them, and they were so impressed with their choreography that they requested her to choreograph one of their songs.

Paula, later on, said at the time, “My only problem was how do I tell that group of Jacksons the proper dance steps. Think of me giving them which routines to follow. I was a young girl and scared. I’m not certain how I did the fear.” Her career took off following her, and she was able to have choreography work along with Janet Jackson, ZZ Top, and George Michael, among other performers. She has since had an extensive music career and has also been an expert judge on reality shows such as ‘American Idol and ‘You Think You’re a Dancer.

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