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Do you want to know when Luffy learns gear one for the first? If so, then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss Luffy’s gear in one part and other gear levels. Keep reading to find out everything you need about the One piece series.

We will give you all the spoilers as well as some details about the plot. Luffy was the main antagonist of the manga-based animated one-piece. He also had the ambition to be the king and queen of pirates one day. One day, he had the chance to eat Gum-Gum, also known as Gomu Gomu. This fruit gave him the ability to stretch his legs. He also started his own crew called Straw Hats, and this is about Luffy.

Without further discussion, let’s just talk about the gears. Luffy was fighting with Blueno when he learned gear 1. He was also a member of CP9.

He was able to pump more oxygen due to increased nutrients and the expansion of his blood vessels. Luffy’s strength and speed were increased by the gear. He learned one technique. He activated the gear by pumping his legs, post skip time, and activating it with his feet. Luffy can fight with the Soru Technique (Tekkai Technique) and Luffy’s own technique, Luffy.

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Rayleigh taught Rayleigh how to use this gear, which also reduces the energy. After two years of training, it is still possible to use it without much loss. We can talk about the third gear which helped boost Luffy’s powers. For it to activate, he has to bite his thumb.

He can even surpass his third gear and the damage from gear three is greater than any gear. Tankman tends to be more interested in the attack than the defense when it comes to the fourth gear. This was rarely used in the series. It was the most popular form of Luffy in the series.

This will enable Luffy to fly by stuffing his whole rubber with it. It will also help him defeat Dolflamingo. The gear 4 snake-man, which focuses more upon Haki observation, will also increase speed. This gear was used in fighting Katakuri. This was all about different types of gears.

We talked about the question of when does Luffy start learning gear 1. We explained the scenario, and also discussed the other gears used and the times they were used. All of this is quite clear. However, if you have any questions about anything or have any other queries, please let us know in the comments section.

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