When Is Outer Banks Season 4 Coming Out?

Netflix renewed Outer Banks last December 2021 for a second season. However, the streaming service is already working to produce a fourth season.

According to Small Screen’s report, Season 4 of Outer Banks was already developing.

According to the report a person close by Outer Banks claimed that the screenplays for seasons 3 & 4 were already being written early this year.

The following is what Small Screen thinks about the fourth season of Outer Banks.

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“We are currently finishing the scripts of Seasons 3 and 4. Season 3 is expected to begin filming this summer and will air in the middle 2022 if all goes according to plan.

Outer Banks Season 4. Coming or Not

Although scripts are being developed, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Outer Banks season 4, as the story shows, is imminent. Netflix renewed Outer Banks last season. It will be a while until we hear about a season 4. It’s something we’ll have wait for, possibly when Netflix’s new season 3 premieres.

Based on statements that the Outer Banks Creative Team made about the series’ future, I believe that season four will be held. Their description suggests they have enough content to produce at least four seasons.

Jonas Pate said in an interview that the series might last for at least four or five seasons.

“Ever Since we started, we considered it to be something like a four-season or maybe five-season series, but definitely four seasons.”

Given the show’s popularity, the plan for four- or five seasons is likely to be realized.

Outer Banks Season Four Release Date

Outer Banks season 4. Screenplays are currently being written. Season 3 & season 4 will likely be filmed simultaneously.

Netflix made previous attempts at this with Locke and Key (another adolescent drama), and they were successful. Locke and Key currently has its second season. The following season will be released in 2022.

If this happens, outer Banks season 3 may be delayed, but it will most likely take less time to release season 4.

Although plans and speculations are not yet available for Outer Banks season 4, there is hope that this will change.

It looks like Outer Banks 3 will be produced in January 2022. This is however speculation. Outer Banks season 3 is set to premiere in 2022. This will make it one of the top Netflix series that debuts in 2022.

According to the current schedule Outer Banks season four will air sometime in 2023 if it was filmed immediately after season 3. If season 3 and 4 cannot be filmed simultaneously, it is possible that season 4, if completed in 2023 will premiere.

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The following season may not be available if season 3 is cancelled. It is prudent to make this cautious assessment.

Keep an eye on the Outer Banks for further information.

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