When Is Sylveon Coming Out In Pokemon Go 2022?

Sylveon being one of the eight important evolutions of Eevee, is an interesting and useful Pokemon that players should definitely have on their list in Pokemon Go. Some people are still confused about whether or not is Sylveon available on Pokemon Go. Do you know when is Sylveon coming out in Pokemon Go to get caught? If not, then we will tell you everything about this right now.

For the players who are still not aware, Sylveon has already come out in Pokemon Go ever since May 25 in 2021. This means that all the Pokemon Go players are already allowed to evolve their Eevee into a Sylveon using the right procedure.

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular Augmented Reality Video Games you will ever find to date. The game has gained popularity on a global level and players love to capture several kinds of Pokemon as well as evolve them to get a better version of these Pokemon. Of all these, Eevee is the only Pokemon that has eight different evolutionary forms all of which are quite fascinating.

If you have already got the other evolutions of Eevee, you might now be waiting for Sylveon, the one which is hardest to get, but don’t worry, we are going to let you everything you need to. 

When Is Sylveon Coming Out In Pokemon Go?

A lot of Pokemon Go players who were waiting for the release of Sylveon in the game have skipped a major announcement that has already been made a year ago. Yes, that’s right. 

The Sylveon Pokemon has already come out in Pokemon Go as of May 25, 2021, when the Luminous Legends Y event was held after which the Pokemon Go players can evolve their Eevee into a Sylveon just like they evolved it into other available forms. 

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How To Get A Sylveon In Pokemon Go?

Now that you have received such an exciting piece of good news, you must surely want to evolve your Eevee to get your Sylveon Pokemon, right? Let us check out then how this can be done. 

To tell you, of all the Eeveelutions, the hardest as well the most time-consuming one is that of a Sylveon. Still, if you are determined enough to get this form, your every effort in this will be worth it. 

First, you will need to collect 70 Buddy Hearts for the Sylveon evolution process. Next, you will also require enough Eevee candies to evolve it. 

However, there are seven other possible outcomes in which Eevee can evolve other than Sylveon, so, if you want to increase your chances of getting Sylveon only, then there is a Name Trick that you can use here. 

If you don’t know, you can give Eevee some specific nicknames that determine the Pokemon it will evolve into. In the case of a Sylveon, you will need to name it “Kira”. 

First, you have to collect about 25 Eevee candies, and then, right before you attempt the evolution process, tap on the Pencil icon next to Eevee’s name and edit the name to “Kira”. Then, you can evolve your Eevee and the outcome will be a Sylveon. 

If you use this trick, you will not need to collect that much amount of Buddy Hearts, a process that can take so much of your time in the game.

But, remember one thing, this name trick will work on Eevee only if your Eevee either has really good stats in the game or if it is a Shiny or Lucky one. If it is a regular Eevee with quite low stats, even this Eevee name trick might not help you with getting a Sylveon and you will need to switch to the longer process for this.

Wrap Up

Now you know about when is Sylveon coming out in Pokemon GO as well as how you can obtain a Sylveon Pokemon of yours by evolving the Eevee you possess in the game. No one can now stop you from attaining another great evolutionary form of this powerful and useful Pokemon available in Pokemon Go. if there is any other Pokemon you are not aware of in the game, you can ask us in the comments.

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