When Will Yveltal Come To Pokemon Go In 2022?

What would be better than capturing a Dark as well as Flying Type Pokemon that is quite rare in Pokemon Go? Yes, this is about Yveltal which many people don’t find throughout the game. So, today we need to check out when will Yveltal come to Pokemon Go so that we get a chance to catch it. 

Yveltal is about to appear in one of the scheduled Five Star Raids for this September and October 2022. The dates are fixed, beginning from September 27 when you will get a chance to battle with a Yveltal, which can also be a shiny one, so keep your eyes on these raids and increase your possibility of catching it, continue to read this. 

There is a lot of powerful Pokemon that the players rarely encounter in Pokemon Go, however, for such species, specific raids are held occasionally. For instance, this time the Five Star Raids that are about to be held are for some rare Pokemon including Yveltal that a lot of players had been waiting for. 

Are you also excited about the arrival of Yveltal in Pokemon Go and enthusiastic about catching this Pokemon? Then we are not letting this opportunity of yours go wasted. 

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When Will Yveltal Come To Pokemon Go?

This September 2022 is full of Five Star Raids in Pokemon Go where the players will get a lot of chances to catch the ultimate Legendary as well as Mythical Pokemon that exist in the game. 

Here is the schedule for the games alongside the Pokemon that will be available within them. 

1. From September 1 To September 13, 2022 

Normal Forme Deoxys. 

Attack Forme Deoxys.

Defense Forme Deoxys.

Speed Forme Deoxys. 

You will also get a chance to find the shiny forms of these Pokemon if you are lucky enough. 

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2. From September 13 To September 27, 2022

Although there is no surety of which mysterious Pokemon you are going to find during this period, there are great chances that you will either get a Sologaleo or a Lunala, you will need to yourself take part in the raids to find that out. 

3. From September 27 To October 8, 2022

This is the one you need to focus on because we are here talking about the rare Pokemon Yveltal. Throughout the raids between these days, you can encounter a lot of Yveltal Pokemon, of which you will probably catch at least one, and if you are too lucky, you might get a Shiny Yveltal as well. 

How To Catch Yveltal In Pokemon Go?

Now that we know that Yveltal is soon going to appear in the Five Star Raids in Pokemon Go, however, that is only for a few days, thus, it is important that you prepare yourself well beforehand so you do not miss your chance of obtaining one for yourself. 

For this purpose, you must check out what are the weaknesses of a Yveltal so that you can attack on its weak points and catch them easily. 

Well, a Yveltal is a Dark and Flying Type Pokemon which is vulnerable to four types of Pokemon attacks which include: Electric Type, Rock Type, Fairy Type, and Ice Type. 

So, if you want to battle a Yveltal, make sure that you only use one of the Pokemon from these four categories. 

To be more precise, here is a list of the best counter Pokemon for Yveltal that will ensure your win in the battle against this Pokemon:

1. Zapdos

2. Rhyperior

3. Mamoswine

4. Thundurus

5. Raikou

6. Rampardos

7. Zekrom

8. Terrakion

9. Electivire

If you have any of these Pokemon, no one can stop you from catching a Yveltal of your own in Pokemon Go with the least effort you can put in. 

Wrap Up

That is all about when Yveltal will appear in Pokemon Go so you can catch it. Thus, it is better to take part in these raids rather than roaming in the wild to catch one, because the other way is not going to help you out with the rare Pokemon like Yveltal. If there is any other rare Pokemon on your mind that you really desire to catch, you may tell us in the comments anytime.

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