Where Are Gabby Petito’s Parents Now?

Gabby Petito's Parents

Gabby’s parents seemed thrilled as Gabby and Brian Laundrie set out on an excursion across the country in June of 2021. But things changed when Gabby abruptly could not communicate with her family members towards the closing of August. Brian returning home by himself on September 1 caused Gabby’s parents to suspect the worst. Their worries were confirmed when the daughter’s remains were discovered on September 19, 2021.

Investigation Discovery’s “Where Murder Lies Families Lies” will take viewers through the story and explores how the devastating tragedy affected the family of Gabby. If this story has caught your curiosity and you’re looking to know where the parents of Gabby are and where they are, we’ve got you covered.

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Who Are Gabby Petito’s Parents?

Gabby Petito’s father and mother, Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt, were extremely in love with their child and maintained an affectionate friendship with her. When Gabby began to get closer to Brian Laundrie, her parents didn’t have any clues about any shady behavior and instead backed their daughter’s choice. Even though Gabby moved away to reside with Brian and Brian’s North Port, Florida, home in 2019, she remained constant contact with her parents and other loved ones.

In the summer of 2021, Brian and Gabby decided to embark on an all-country journey that would span several months. Gabby was quite enthusiastic about the idea, and she even informed her parents that she was excited about the trip. An officer from the police department later spoke to her that they were involved in a fight within Moab, Utah, and were separated over the night.

But, she would message her parents frequently to inform them about her whereabouts and where she and Brian were headed the next time. In August, Gabby sent a text message to her parents and told them she and Brian were headed for the Teton Range in Wyoming. They also received a message from her phone on August 30 where it was noted that the reception of phones was not the best in Wyoming However, her parents believe their daughter didn’t write the text that she sent.

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Since the text message of August 30, there has been no sign of Gabby. She seemed to have disappeared from the radar. Her family members became even more worried, and they reported Gabby missing after Brian returned home on September 1. It was a shocker that Brian abruptly quit the North Port, Florida, residence on September 14 and then disappeared completely off the planet Earth.

On September 19, authorities uncovered human remains found in Wyoming’s Teton County, later identified as those of Gabby’s. Amid the incident, the parents of Gabby remained dedicated to aiding police officers and determined to bring the murderer of their daughter to justice. Additionally, after her remains were discovered, the father of the deceased paid tribute to her by sharing a stunning photo of Gabby in a pose between her angel wings and added, “#gabbypetito she touched the world.”

Where Are Gabby Petito’s Parents Now?

Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt have never given up on their struggle for justice. They were involved in the probe as different law enforcement agencies hunted in search of Brian Laundrie. The body of Brian was discovered within Florida’s Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, and an autopsy confirmed that he committed suicide due to a self-inflicted injury. Presently, Joseph and Nichole are divorced and living with their respective spouses. While Nichole lives with her spouse, Jim Schmidt, in New York, Joseph and his wife, Tara Petito, live in Vero Beach in Florida.

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But the tragedy and death of Gabby have brought them closer in the form of their foundation, the Gabby Petito Foundation, which assists in locating missing persons and offers assistance to organizations that work with victims of domestic violence. Additionally, in March 2022, Joseph and Nichole were able to submit an action against Brian’s parents, accusing they knew about the whole situation, including Gabby’s tragic death. The court has yet to come up with a decision on the lawsuit.

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