Where Are Gilbert and Ted Jefferson Now?

If Gilbert and Ted Jefferson decided to make Cece Coffee the subject of an armed robbery, they anticipated very little or no resistance. But Cece did not give up and stood up to her attackers, causing them to escape the scene. 

Home Alone by Investigation Discovery’s Inheriting Evil’ chronicles the horrifying incident and highlights the bravery of a grandmother who saved her and her friend from imminent death. Let’s look into the specifics of the incident and discover the location Gilbert and Ted Jefferson are at present, will we?

Who Are Gilbert and Ted Jefferson?

Gilbert and Ted Jefferson were looking to make quick cash by robbing a target that was easy to rob. They watched Peachtree City Georgia and residents Cece Coffee for an extended period and believed Cece Coffee would make a great victim due to her age.

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Additionally, Cece ran a business in the town, and thieves were sure of being safe at home. Even though Cece is a loving grandma and is very in touch with her loved ones, she lived in a house with Jeff Young at the time of her attack. Therefore, Gilbert and Ted were sure that they could be in a position to defeat both of them.

Where Are Gilbert and Ted Jefferson Now?

Cece Coffee’s and Jeff Young’s testimony aided police in focusing on the suspects. just after the attack, they arrested two cousins Gilbert and Ted Jefferson.

In the custody facility and custody, both suspects initially argued that they were innocent, however Gilbert quickly decided to take the plea deal and offered to be a witness against Ted during his trial. The result was that Gilbert was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and then the probation period of 10 years.

When Ted Jefferson was put on trial, Gilbert spoke against him and his testimony went an essential way in ensuring the conviction of his cousin.

In the end, Ted was found guilty of two counts of assault with intent to kill and 2 counts of attempted robbery with a firearm with one count of kidnapping, burglary, and possessing a firearm.

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In light of Ted’s verdict, the judge decided to go further and gave Ted two life sentences, along with an additional sentence of 30 years.

Presently, Ted Jefferson remains incarcerated in the Washington State Prison in Davisboro, Georgia.

However, there is no information regarding Gilbert’s whereabouts, however prison records suggest that he’s been granted parole.

But, he is still under probation, so we can be sure that Gilbert is also living in Georgia.

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