Where Are Nicole Eason and Calvin Eason now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Web Of Spies: The Child Network’ examines the risky and frequently illegal procedure of private rehoming of adopted children. It was revealed that the arrests made by Nicole Eason and Calvin Eason in April 2015 revealed that the couple had made use of online forums to accept children from families that were not able to take care of children for a variety of reasons. So, if you’re curious how they were brought to justice, we’ve got the answer.

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Who is Nicole or Calvin Eason?

On October 28, 2008, Nicole and Calvin Eason adopted Quita, a teen who Liberia was taken from Liberia by Todd and Melissa Puchalla. At the time, the Puchallas struggled to care for Quita due to her health and behavior issues which made her unruly when it came to their kids. The adoption process did not involve child welfare officers or other authorities. The Puchallas only made a notarized statement, which made Nicole and Calvin the guardians of the teenager. They took their child across Wisconsin to Westville, Illinois, where the Easons resided in the trailer park.

Then things started going out of control. Quite was not taken back to school, and the Easons left and drove off together. The authorities eventually intervened and tracked them down and brought them to New York, where they were at the house of Nicole’s mother. However, at the time, authorities were unable to initiate any actions other than giving Quita home to her parents, who adopted her.

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The authorities at the federal level then examined the case and discovered a troubling pattern of private rehoming, particularly with Nicole and Calvin. Nicole’s biological children had already been removed from her in the past, with an officer noting that the “parents suffer from severe mental illness and also have violence tendencies.” In addition, the Easons were suspected of assaulting babies they babysat previously. Quite also made similar allegations in the future and claimed she was allegedly asked to share a bedroom as that with the Easons and Nicole naked. The teenager added that there was po*nography in the home.

The investigation by the authorities discovered that the Easons were on an adoption discussion forum in the years 2006 and 2007. The year 2007 was when they were in touch with adopted parents for a child. They lied about having their home inspected by a social worker who “confirmed” their criminal background. The parents then took the child across states to the Easons and later physically and sexually abused their child. The Easons did the same thing in 2008, kidnapping a minor and later accusing them of engaging in sexually inappropriate conduct.

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Where are Nicole as well as Calvin Eason?

A Reuters investigation earlier revealed in the past that Easons had admitted to about six children during the years and then lied about their identity. Many adoptive parents preferred private rehoming because it was more affordable than adoption, formal, and easier to complete overall. In November of 2015, Calvin pleaded guilty to two counts of kidnapping and one count of transport to engage in criminal sexual activities with an underage.

A month later, Nicole was found guilty by a federal jury of the specific charges. In June 2016, Nicole, 37, and Calvin, 47, were sentenced to 40 years. In addition, they were required to endure a lifetime of supervised release. According to prison records, Nicole is still in the Federal Medical Center, Carswell, located in Fort Worth, Texas. In contrast, Calvin is serving his sentence in the United States Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona. Both are set to be released by 2049.

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