Where are Playboy Twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon? Busted

Kristina and Karissa

The film ‘ The Secrets of Playboy reveals the dark facts about Hugh Hefner’s famous empire via exclusive interviews and old footage; many former Playmates have come back to the limelight. Included among them and other Playboy workers who were present at all times were twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon, who openly admitted to their experiences as girlfriends of the publisher here.

Where are Playboy Twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon? If you’d like to know details about the twins, such as specifics of their stories, personal views, and their relationship status, do not worry, we’ve got all the information you need.

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Who are Kristina And Karissa Shannon?

Where are Playboy Twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon? Busted

Though they were birthed from Ann Arbor, Michigan (in October 1989), Kristina and Karissa Shannon, also known as The Playboy Twins, relocated from the Florida campervan in the state of Florida to Los Angeles to be Playmates in the year 1989, when they were only 18 years old.

This was the first time they encountered the publisher Hugh Hefner, who quickly managed to win them over with his charismatic charm and power, which led them to live in the house without worrying. But their relationship with the author didn’t get sexual until around one year later, on their 19th birthdays in 2008, following the alleged gift of quaalude pills to ease nerves.

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The twins aren’t the only ones who have claimed to use the hypnotic and sedative drug in their mansion. Their friends from the “Girls Next Door actress Holly Madison and many others have shared the same stories. “He informed us that the drugs will help with anxieties,” Karissa said. “We took a few sips of mar*juana.

At first, we felt frozen but, after a time, the drug caused us to feel loose with a fuzzy feeling.” She and Kristina immediately shared what had transpired because they felt “ashamed.” Then, according to them, they were Hugh’s girlfriends. They were getting “forced” to join as part of a group activity.

The alleged actions eventually led to Karissa being pregnant with her father. He was then 83, in 2009, a child she promptly aborted, enlisting the assistance of her sister and a close friend without him knowing about the pregnancy. “I did not have sexual relations with any other person, and it may have been his child,” she recently told Sunday Mirror.

“I simply wanted to end it as soon as I could. I wanted to keep it from Hef to discover that I was pregnant, but he didn’t. I was disgusted by my body, and I felt like there was an alien in my stomach. It was as if the devil was in me. The last thing I wanted was for anyone else to be aware of it.”

Where is Kristina or Karissa Shannon?

Shannon Twins Shannon Twins moved out of the Playboy mansion in the early part of 2010 and although they had the main reason Hugh Hefner gave was they were looking to expand their promotion, they quit shortly after that. “[Kristina and Kariss have been] hanging out with many of other Playmates, and they’ve seen them traveling around the country for promotions,” he had stated back in the day. “They would prefer to do the same thing also. They believed it was a great idea.” However, having said that, what the sisters were willing to do was join in the industry of adult entertainment.

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Apart from their appearances on “Celebrity Big Brother’ and ‘Big Brother’s Bit on the Side’ in 2012 and expanding their profile as influencers, Kristina and Karissa Shannon are mostly performing as entertainers for adult audiences. In 2018, following several legal problems ( aggravated battery, DUI, and violent crime), They even made a deal worth seven figures together with one of the largest p*rnography companies, Brazzers, to extend their reach to a greater extent. The p*rn actresses, dancers, and creators from GLAM Beverly Hills are currently located in Florida.

“When Hef died, part of us felt sad, but another thought, ‘OK, there’s no way that girls are likely to get groomed and destroyed as we were,” Kristina told the Sunday Mirror. “I believed that Playboy was a family of sorts, and now I know it was a fanatical underground cult.”

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