Everything Everywhere All at Once

Where Was Everything Everywhere All at Once Filmed?

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a science-fiction action comedy film that centers around a Chinese American woman named Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) who owns the laundromat together and the spouse Waymond Wang (Ke Huy Quan) and has a daughter named Joy Wang (Stephanie Hsu). Their business, which the family members own, is a bind and is about to be investigated by the IRS. But, the situation takes a strange turn during their meeting with an IRS official; Waymond walks Evelyn into the broom closet, puts a headset with a wireless connection in her ear, and tells Evelyn to leave the premises at her own expense.

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Then, Evelyn hurtles through different dimensions. While some universes show, an entirely different Evelyn and others depict an alternate world where there are things that are so different as to make you think, at least if you consider hot dogs and singing normal things! The film’s release was a huge success. Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert directed the film received many reviews for its well-organized, chaotic mess. The movie is as perplexing as it is entertaining, with poignant themes being conveyed throughout the tumbling of the multiverse. The fight scenes and the graphic images will draw your attention and leave you wondering what was made! Let’s find out how we will?

Everywhere, Everywhere at the Same Time Filming Locations

Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a world-hopping trippy movie set on the coast of Southern California. The filming started in January 2020 and was completed in March of that same year. The filming was conducted across various areas within the state, including the vicinity of Los Angeles and Simi Valley. Here’s a deeper look into the process of filming!

Simi Valley California

The movie takes place on the streets of Simi Valley, with the bulk of the film occurring in the IRS city’s building. The city of Simi Valley is inside Ventura County and falls within the Greater Los Angeles Area, 40 miles away from the city center of Los Angeles. Stunning hills and mountains surround it. The team that made the sci-fi film utilized the urban landscape to the fullest extent. A demolished building in Simi Valley served as the IRS building where the infamous Dude Beaubeirdra (Jamie Lee Curtis) lives and where the bulk of the action happens.

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The film’s preparation required a lot of practice for fight scenes and extensive editing to provide the best possible experience about dimension-hopping. Michelle Yeoh, well-known for her action films, such as “Crouching Tiger,” Hidden Dragon,’ and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,’ was an expert in executing the stunts used in the sci-fi flick. In the film, Michelle jumps from one moving vehicle to the next. In the course of her jump, she failed to complete the trick in her first attempt, but she got up and completed the feat after her second attempt!

Jamie Lee Curtis felt a little out of her element on the other side. “It was the second or third day, I was flying through wires landing, fighting with Michelle Yeoh in an abandoned office building in Simi Valley,” Curtis said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I have learned many things. Her mastery is evident, and I am the apprentice. She taught me the strength of my punches, but how she takes the punch that’s the art of it and truly sells the art of punching.”

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Los Angeles, California

The crew and the cast in ‘Everything Everything Everywhere At Once’ also traveled towards the City of Angels to shoot portions part of the documentary. Several scenes were made at the Arts District that lies in the eastern region of Downtown Los Angeles. The crew shot multiple scenes on The DC Stages & Sets at 1360 East 6th Street in the neighborhood. According to reports, the film studio has been shut down. Central business districts of the vast Southern Californian city of LA also served as the background for several other scenes from the film.

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