Where is Bad Vegan’s Dustin Hall now?

Where is Bad Vegan’s Dustin Hall Now?

Sarma Melngailis was the subject of headlines in 2015 when she mysteriously disappeared from the spotlight, leaving behind her successful restaurant business. 

Through interviews with various individuals, Netflix’s ‘Terrible Vegan”Terrible Vegan: fame. Misrepresentation. Criminals.” makes an effort to discover how Sarma’s lifestyle changed over time following her wedding to Anthony Strangis. 

In May, the couple spent close to twelve months in hiding before being taken prisoner by police in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. In the time Sarma spent there, she was able to feel a sense of security from her companion, known as Dustin Hall. 

In this way, you may be looking to find out more than the information we know!

Who is Dustin Hall | Where is Bad Vegan’s Dustin Hall Now?

Who is Dustin Hall? In 2016, Sarma and Anthony went to Pigeon Forge, the place they lived at an Inn. At that time, the cafe was closed because the employees weren’t getting paid.

When she lived in the area, Sarma stated that Anthony would occasionally offer her 2 or 300 dollars to buy food or other problems. 

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Her favorite place to go was Chipotle along the highway and, after a time, she was regular at the place and getting to meet the employees. One of the employees she knew was Dustin Hall.

Sarma stated that she hadn’t told him about her and introduced herself to Emma. 

They turned out to be great companions as they hung out near the cafe, drinking six-packs of lager and discussing government issues and other issues.

Dustin’s initial perception was Sarma was hiding something. He also stated that she would not answer specific questions he asked.

However, Dustin likewise felt that his inability to comprehend her was one of the reasons she grew sufficiently familiar with her to share her concerns with him over the long haul. 

When they had a good time, Dustin expressed that Sarma frequently rushed back and requested not to contact her until he was done.

In the end, she informed him about her situation, stating that she was in a relationship with someone named Chris and that things did not go well with Chris. Sarma never used Anthony’s or her real names together with Dustin.

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Where is Bad Vegan’s Dustin Hall Now?

The kinship gave the impression that it was continuous; Dustin then didn’t hear from Sarma for a few days. In May of 2016, it was because an anonymous tip led Sarma and Anthony to be arrested.

In the present, Dustin stated that he was contacted by Sarma in which she described her as being in jail. She demanded that he get Leon, the dog she had as a pet, and her dog, out of the hotel. 

Dustin obtained Leon and Sarma’s possessions and targeted the dog for several days until Sarma’s father, John Melngailis, dropped by. It’s unclear what Dustin is currently doing as he’s been unable to engage in online leisure.

Originating from Albany, Georgia, Dustin is a true local of Pigeon Forge and is a father to a young girl.

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