Where Is Before We Die Filmed?

before we die

Matt Baker and Mark Evans created it. Based on the famous Swedish thriller” Before We Die,” it is an action thriller drama known for its unpredictability. The plot revolves around the detective Hannah Laing, who finds herself in a tense situation when she discovers the son of her deceased husband is an informant in a gruesome murder investigation.

After its debut on Channel 4, the drama was praised for its European-Esque atmosphere and portrayal of a tense mystery. The majority of the story takes place in dramatic urban settings, featuring graffiti-themed murals and vivid colors. You may also be searching for locations in which the show is shot. If so, we’ll reveal all the details.

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Before We Die Filming Locations

Before We Die” is shot within and around England and Belgium, including Bristol and Brussels. According to the executive producer Jo McGrath, they were seeking a port city that could support the story of drug trafficking. They also sought a less well-known environment, and Bristol offered a lively scene for the show.

While the city has been an essential filming location, most of the productions haven’t been set in Bristol. Seppe Van Grieken, the cinematographer for ‘The Serpent,’ was the director of cinematography for the series. In contrast, Pepijn Van Looy of My First Highway fame was in charge of the design of the production. Let us guide you to the exact locations where the show is filming.

Bristol, England

The majority of the series was filmed within and near Bristol, a city of port and a cultural center in the southwest of England. The crew and the cast traveled throughout the city to capture the essence. Stokes Croft is the district of culture, the subject of various scenes from the series. The area is located to the north of Bristol city center; Stokes Croft is well-known for its swarm of shops and nightlife areas.

Filming was also conducted in York Road, a street located in the city of Montpelier, which is located to the north of Stokes Croft. Sequences were also shot in the suburbs around Clifton, specifically around the vicinity of Victoria Square.

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A prestigious neighborhood, Clifton is familiar with its lavish Georgian townhouses and its lush streets. Several sequences also include Brandon Hill Park, a section of which is located on Park Street in the heart of Clifton. In addition, the Cabot Tower that lies at the top of the hill offers an unobstructed perspective of the city. The crew also filmed on Clarence Road, situated on the River Avon in Redcliffe, close to the Langton Street Bridge. The filming continued in the city’s shopping area in Broadmead. The crew toured The Horsefair, the bustling retail hub in Broadmead, for some scenes.

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Brussels, Belgium

To further aid in the drug-dealing aspect of the plot, the crew often had to travel into foreign territories. Since the director Jan Matthys also being of Belgian descent, it is apparent that the show has strong Belgian connections. Although the country is also featured as a character in the show, the scenes which are believed to be set in Bristol are shot on the continent. The majority of them were shot in Brussels, which is the capital city of the country and the historical capital of the region of Brussels.

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