Where is Carl Lentz’s Wife Laura Lentz Now?

Where is Carl Lentz's Wife Laura Lentz Now?

Hillsong Church has been featured in news reports for the last few years for incorrect motives. In addition to the church’s founder quitting for inappropriate behavior towards women in church, the church’s renowned leader, Carl Lentz, was dismissed in 2020.

In the three-part docuseries of Investigation Discovery entitled ‘Hillsong: a Megachurch Revealed,’ viewers are introduced to Hillsong’s scandals. Laura was a woman who appeared to be in a long and happy union with Carl and was also a involved in Hillsong’s activities.

But she was in the wake of Carl’s dismissal. If you’re interested to learn more about what she’s had up her sleeves since the time of her firing, Here’s the information we have.

Who is Laura Lentz?

When Carl was studying at Hillsong College in Australia, the college became close friends with the son of the founder, Joel Houston.

It was while he was there that he came across Laura she was an indigenous Australian. Her family was a good friend with the Houstons and Carl was often spending time in the Houston family.

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He and Laura quickly became lovers and got wed in 2003. They returned in America. United States about two years later, but their reunion with Hillsong did not occur until 2010.

Before this, Carl and Laura worked at Wave Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the city in which Carl was raised. After 2010, their family relocated into New York after Carl co-founded Hillsong New York City along with Joel. However, after 10 years the couple was hit by scandal when they were exiled from Hillsong, citing “leadership issues and moral failings.”

The next day, Carl admitted to having an extra-marital affair. Laura was aware of the affair in October 2020, after an Hillsong employee discovered messages on the computer of Carl’s employer.

Carl took full responsibility for the incident in the Instagram account, and the family relocated to California following the incident.

A person who is close to the Lentzes stated that the couple attended counselling sessions and were working to rebuild trust and maintain their marriage, which lasted more than two decades.

Laura shared her story six months after the incident via social media talking about resilience and development. She quoted a close friend saying “I prefer not to be accused of having been too kind towards someone, than be accused of harshly judging someone.”

Where is Laura Lentz Now?

The Lentzes faced another controversy after an ex-housekeeper, Leona Kimes, claimed she was sexually assaulted by Carl while working for their family in the years between 2011 to 2017.

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Leona claimed that Laura claimed that Laura was “bullying” at her, and claimed she was blamed and ostracized. In November 2021 Laura spoke about the effects of PTSD and depression in the light of the events.

She appears to be doing better and is currently working on launching an interior design company independently. The couple has remained together, and they recently relocated into Bradenton, Florida, with their three children.

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