Where is Detective Lindsey Wade Now?  

Detective Lindsey

In 1986, Tacoma’s entire town in Tacoma, Washington, went from being a relaxed and casual place to being extremely vigilant following the deaths of Michelle Welch (12) and Jennifer Bastian (13) within five months. As NBC’s “Dateline: Evil Was Watching’ describes, the innocent girls were removed from public parks in the open air and then never to be ever seen or heard from ever again.

However, the perseverance of police officers like Lindsey Wade eventually helped bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion. So now, if anyone wants to know details about the woman, here’s everything we know about her.

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Who is Detective Lindsey Wade?  

Investigator Lindsey Wade is a Tacoma native; This also means that she’s known for a long time as serial killer Ted Bundy (from her hometown) and Michelle or Jennifer. It is possible that they were the catalyst to her into police work, particularly when she was just 11 and a regular park-goer when the 1986 murders took place. The personal terror of the criminals and the involved criminals ended up being something she became accustomed to at a very early age, causing her to strive to improve the city she lives in. city.

“I only remember that it was a bit frightening for me when I was a little girl,” Lindsey said on “Dateline.’ “It was terrifying, and not only for me but for everyone… It was certain instances when I would be out on my bike, or were walking, say along a small trail that was a shortcut to get to school or anything like that it was something I’d be thinking about.”

She joined the local police force when she was 21 and swiftly progressed through the ranks to become only the third female detective in homicide in the city-based institution before becoming a member of the cold-case task team.

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Where is Detective Lindsey Wade Now?

Investigator Lindsey Wade was admittedly a little obsessed with the cases from 1986 mentioned above, and it’s no surprise that she resigned after having seen them through (with specific arrests) in the year 2018. Over her 21 years of employment in the Tacoma Police Department, she dealt with not only sex smugglers and cold-blooded killers, but she also tackled sexual crimes and criminals targeting women. These are two distinct subjects she’s always interested in, so she worked on them for a few years, although she wasn’t a member of Tacoma’s police department.

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For this, Lindsey joined the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative as a Senior Investigator in the Attorney General’s Office following her retirement and then worked for the state to pass Jennifer and Michelle’s DNA Law. Therefore, as an authority in real criminality, she is currently serving as a public speaker.

She is soon planning to publish an autobiography and a podcast called “Anatomy of a Cold Crime along with host Mike McCann. Additionally, in the past, the proud mother and wife made it into the world of Washington real estate when she became an agent licensed by Redfin.

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