Where is Halo Filmed? Check Out Exotic Location


The show was created in collaboration with Kyle Killen and Steven Kane. The show is a military sci-fi television series inspired by the famous gaming franchise. It is set in the 26th century. The show is centered around a war breaking apart between United Nations Space Command and an alien military alliance called Covenant. The human leader in the conflict is Chief Petty Officer John-117, also known as Spartan-117, a genetically engineered super-soldier with tremendous physical power.

While Master Chief and his soldiers traverse new territory to avoid threats from the Covenant, their history and interpersonal relationships become factors that can complicate the situation. “Halo” delves into an alien war through its gripping narrative and takes viewers to a futuristic future through its captivating visual background. If you’re looking for the fascinating locations where the show was being shot, we’ve got the information you require. Let’s take a look!

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Locations of Halo Filming

“Halo” is shot filming in Hungary and Canada, specifically the cities of Budapest and Toronto. The principal shooting for season 1 began in October 2019 but was stopped because of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. The taping of the season’s debut started in November 2020, and the final schedule will kick into motion in February. The principal photography will be completed at the end of June 2021. Here’s a look at the locations which are featured in the film.

Budapest, Hungary

Halo” is shot mainly in Budapest, which is the capital city of Hungary. The city is divided from the River Danube; the populous city is composed of the three previously distinct towns: Buda, Obuda, and Pest. It has a long and rich history that dates back to before 1 AD. Furthermore, it played an important role in Hungary’s Revolutions in 1848 and 1956 and the Battle of Budapest in 1945.

Budapest is Hungary’s main financial center and a global city of commerce, tourism, fashion, media technology, art, and entertainment. Furthermore, it is the home of over 100 geothermal wells and a variety of architectural masterpieces from the past, such as Budapest Castle, Buda Castle, Hungarian Parliament, Saint Stephen’s Basilica, and the Millennium Monument.

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Furthermore, the barriers along the Danube River in the city and the Andrassy Ut region are designated to be UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With its stunning locations and stunning architecture, and lively cultural scene, Budapest is a highly sought-after filming location. Through the years, it has seen the making of many films such as ‘ Dune,’ ‘ Midsommar and 6 Underground,’ and TV shows like ‘ Shadow and Bone ‘ and ‘ Homeland .’

Toronto, Ontario

The film is also shot in Toronto, the capital of the Ontario province. Most of the episodes were taped at the famed Pinewood Toronto Studios, situated at 225 Commissioners Street. Toronto is situated on the shores of northwestern Lake Ontario and is considered to be among the most diverse cities around the globe.

Toronto is a well-known place for film and television production with a flat terrain dotted with ravines, rivers, and thick forests. In addition, it has an extensive collection of talented actors along with a crew. The most popular TV and film shows such as ‘ Nightmare Alley,’ ‘ American Psycho,’ ‘ The Boys,’ ‘ Reacher,’ and ‘ The Handmaid’s Tale ‘ were shot on location in cities.

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Toronto is home to a variety of tourist destinations, including St. Lawrence Market, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and CN Tower. Additionally, it holds a variety of cultural events, including Caribana, Pride Week, and the highly acclaimed Toronto International Film Festival.

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