Where is Haylei Jordan Daughter of Laren Sims Now in 2022?

Haylei Jordan Daughter of Laren Sims

Laren Sims The arrest of Laren Sims during her arrest in Destin, Florida, meant that authorities had finally found lawyer Larry McNabney in custody. However, the person who alerted authorities about her whereabouts was her daughter Haylei Jordan, a teen of the year. ABC News ’20/20: Hell in Heels explores Laren’s life of committing crimes and tricking people.

The show also includes an interview with Haylei. She talks about her experience with an unreliable mother who was always in motion. If you’re looking to know more, you can learn about Haylei and where she could be in the future; here’s what we have to say!

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Who is Haylei Jordan Now?

Laren was blessed with two children shortly after she quit school. A daughter, Haylei, and a son, Cole. They were both born to two different fathers. As a child, Haylei spent most of her time in Brooksville, Florida, where her mother was born. She spoke of her early years being chaotic, with them moving from one place to another and being only there for a couple of months or a full year.

Haylei later added, “When I think about my mom, I think about that time she was a woman who was all about having entertainment until it wasn’t. It was until she woke up in the early morning hours and said, ‘Hey! you have to leave.’ Since the rent wasn’t paid or she was being kicked out.”

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After some legal issues in 1993, Laren sent her daughter off to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she got married and met Larry. In the end, Haylei and her mother moved into a home with a lawyer with a high net worth. However, things weren’t going all was well. According to Haylei, Larry’s drinking and drug addiction made her uneasy. She said that Larry physically was abusive to Laren at times. Haylei stated that Laren had left Larry. However, he pursued them in the past and wanted to murder them before murdering himself. She claimed that Larry knew about her mother’s outstanding warrants.

Following an incident in which Larry could grab Haylei brutally, Laren sent her away to Maine to train horses. Then, after the authorities found Larry’s body, Laren and Haylei traveled and went through several cities before finally arriving in Destin with various names. At the moment, Haylei did not know of Larry’s death and didn’t think about their movement since she was used to the idea.

However, when Laren decided to move again, Haylei didn’t want to move again. Later, she said, “I just felt resigned. I’m just an un-person. I exist, but I’m not me.” However, they did travel for a trip to South Carolina before coming back to Florida. Then, Laren told her daughter that she had killed Larry with Sarah Dutra’s aid. At the moment, Sarah was the Legal Secretary for Larry’s firm. After her mother had left, when she dropped her off in Destin, an anxious Haylei called the police as she believed that Laren was going to hurt her somehow.

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The police ultimately tracked Laren down and detained her. In a letter addressed to Haylei, the police, she outlined her actions, writing, “I could not find a way to get myself out of. He couldn’t get himself out of the dark, the alcohol, the drugs and prostitutes, the trust account, the things I’ve talked about.” When Laren committed suicide amid her extradition, Sarah’s case was brought to trial. Sarah claimed she was manipulated by Laren. However, Haylei was a witness on behalf of the prosecution, saying Sarah did not seem to be afraid of Laren.

Where is Haylei Jordan Now?

Following the death of Laren, Haylei was sent to stay with her grandparents, who were from Florida. Haylei spoke about how she is recovering from the trauma and believes that she’s a victim of domestic violence. Haylei also stated that nobody should be confined, saying, “You never have to remain in a place where isn’t safe and a situation you doubt. You are entitled to be secure and must make whatever decision you’re prepared to create.”

Even though she’d never lead the life she wanted, Haylei seems to be performing much better than she did in the past. With a master’s education in nursing, she is employed in the field of healthcare and is the mom of two kids. As far as we know, Haylei still seems to be in Florida.

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