Where is Hemu Basu From Is it Cake Now?

Hemu Basu

The goal for the contest being deceit and cash at the stake of Netflix’s “Is It Cake?’ pits a group of expert bakers against one another to design cakes that look like typical objects. It is a baking contest in which the contestants are asked to create a realistic-looking cake by hand to fool a recurring panel of celebrities who will be the judges. The cake artist who took part was none but Hemu Basu, who could impress the viewers. If you’re interested in learning more about her life and her career and status, don’t fret; we’ve got all the important information you need!

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Who is Hemu Basu?

With a keen eye for fine detail, a desire for color, and a distinct design style Hemu Basu started baking at a young age as a pastime to fill her spare time. When she made the fire truck cake to celebrate her son’s birthday upon his request in 2012, all of her family members recognized the natural talent Hemu was gifted with and encouraged her to pursue the art as far as she could. This is how the self-taught Texas-based Indian baker not only discovered her passion for baking but was able to turn her passion into a profitable career with an independently-owned small business.

From there, Hemu grew to specialize in sculpted hyper-realistic cakes and climbed the industry ladder by winning several competitions/accolades, leading her to end up on Netflix’s radar. But, despite all the ambitions, her goal on “Is it Cake?’ was not to gain fame or name but rather to show off her children’s talents and dedicate the show to her youngest sister, who tragically passed in Covid-19 at the beginning of 2021. Sadly, even though Hemu demonstrated her skills, the judges correctly predicted her cake’s status to disqualify her from the final, and she got $10,000.

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Where is Hemu Basu Now?

Hemu Basu is still based in Katy, Texas, where she remains the proprietor of Hemu’s Sweet Sensation at 4519 Red Yucca Drive and also creates custom cakes that transcend the limits of creativity. It is essential to note that aside from being a Netflix original, She was also an official contestant on Food Network’s “Wedding Cake Championship season 2 back in 2019, and ‘Halloween War season 10’s, which will air in 2020 (where her team took home the title). According to what we’ve seen, Hemu is a family woman committed to growing her business at this moment. She isn’t going to let anyone or anything stand in her way.

For Hemu baking, baking is more than an art form. It’s an opportunity for her to help people; it’s an outlet for healing and is her identity. “Creating edible artwork brings me the same peace and satisfaction that you feel whenever you visit a religious location such as a temple or a church,” Hemu once stated. “Baking makes me smile, and the delicious treats please all who try it.”

The cake maker, who first competed in 2016, is also a great source of advice for novices “Don’t be afraid to experiment with something new; failing is a possibility, and an opportunity to learn! It is essential to learn from your mistakes. What would you have done differently in a similar circumstance? Do you have a method to make it through the situation? Icing does wonders for broken cakes. What is your icing choice in this scenario? I live my entire life with that… Be sure to follow directions; however, you can veer off when you have to. I have a framework that I follow, but I bend it whenever I’m required to.”

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