Where is Jeff Lowe Now? – Here are the details

Where is Jeff Lowe Now

Netflix released Tiger King 2 on 17 November, just after the original series was a surprising lockdown sensation. King is back, and viewers will be asking what changed for the subjects after the documentary first became a hit.

Jeff Lowe was one of the most famous characters as a guest on the show. He was then left in Joe Exotic’s zoo by the conclusion of the first series. Where are Jeff Lowe now, and what’s happened between the two shows? This is everything you should be aware of.

What is Tiger King 2?

Tiger King 2 is the sequel to the wildly successful film Tiger King, which entertained everyone in the first stage of lockdown in 2020.

Who is Jeff Lowe and Where He is Now?

Jeff Lowe became an investor in Exotic’s Zoo in 2015, after the zoo owner was in financial trouble because of legal fights with Baskin. Lowe joined the zoo and pledged to keep the zoo.

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Amid Exotic’s financial woes Exotic had been advised to sell his animals in Lowe’s name. This was the case in 2016.

However, it was not until Lowe took over that he was transformed from Exotic’s business associate and friend to being a foe. Lowe was later an official in the probe into the plot to murder Exotic’s partner Baskin.

This relationship of Exotic and Lowe was a key plot element in the initial series.

What’s changed since the film was released?

Since the release of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, Lowe was removed from Exotic’s Zoo.

A judge in June of 2020 gave Baskin full control of his GW Zoo. GW Zoo, events tracked in Tiger King 2 as Lowe was directed to leave the property and his animals within 120 days.

Despite being denied his license to exhibit large animals, such as bears, or cats, Lowe tried to capitalise on the popularity of the first Netflix series by creating the ‘Tiger King Park’ Zoo located in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

In May 2021, the year 2021, The US Department of Justice announced that it had seized the entire 68 big cats and an jaguar on the premises in the continuous Endangered species Act (ESA) infractions.

Lowe and his spouse Lauren were exiled from the property in October 2021 , after the landlord filed a lawsuit against the couple for $10,000.

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This isn’t the only legal issue Lowe has been in.

The New York Times reported that Lowe and his wife Lauren have a debt to lawyers, vets, and tax back in Oklahoma however it was reported that they have now a payment arrangement.

In June, he also allegedly didn’t appear in the court hearing at Las Vegas, which led Las Vegas to issue four warrants.

People magazine also reported that Lowe and his wife were arrested on suspicion of DUIs in Oklahoma that same month.

Despite numerous failures, Lowe told TMZ that the plan is to revive GW Exotic Animal Park in an alternative location in Oklahoma and fights to get the animals that he lost back.

Despite his crucial part in placing Joe Exotic in jail, Lowe has now declared himself “Team Joe”, burying the hatchet alongside his former adversaries and working with them to clean his name.

One of the most shocking revelations in Tiger King 2 is the confirmation that Lowe has changed his mind regarding Joe’s involvement in the murder-for-hire conspiracy that he claims was invented. Meanwhile, the associate of his Allen Glover admitted in an affidavit that the plot against Exotic was conceived “to remove him from the property so that Jeff could acquire it”.

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