Where is Kirsten Wallace Now?

Kirsten Wallace

Christopher Bathum’s Community Recovery, Los Angeles in California, was shut down when Bathum was arrested with his CFO Kirsten Wallace. Together, they participated in a scheme elaborately designed to defraud clients and insurance providers. ABC News ’20/20: Rehab Mogul’ traces the plethora of accusations made at Christopher and his business. We’ve got the answer if you think about what transpired to Kirsten during the aftermath that followed.

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Who is Kirsten Wallace?  

Kirsten was born in Coffs Harbour in Australia. Kirsten moved out of Coffs Harbour in the United Stated to Newcastle, England, in 1999 to be near her mother. After seven years, Kirsten and her daughter moved to the United States and settled there. Kirsten eventually joined Christopher’s business as the CFO. During the first part of 2010, CRLA did quite well as a luxurious addiction treatment center.

When the Affordable Health Care Act was approved in 2012, Insurance companies were required to cover rehabilitation and addiction treatment. Any person who had insurance could get $100,000 per month that insurance companies could pay for, which rewarded rehabilitation owners enticingly. Christopher’s “sober living homes,” which they were known as, were not regulated in the past. Christopher ran the homes with a loophole that allowed him to operate them legally, even though they were not technically rehabilitation centers.

Christopher and Kirsten then operated the complicated insurance scheme over the years preceding they’re being caught. After stealing patients’ identities with no knowledge of it, the pair purchased health insurance policies under patients’ names after lying about their situation. The two also continued to charge former clients even though they could not receive treatment when the clients we’re working with at CRLA. In many instances, Christopher and Kirsten billed for services they never offered.

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Where is Kirsten Wallace Now?  

The authorities believe Christopher and Kirsten fraudulently charged around $175 million between June 2012 to December 2015. The amount was approximately $44 million to five insurance firms. In March of 2018, Kirsten pleaded guilty to five counts of insurance fraud and seven cases of grand theft from personal belongings and 6 counts of theft from identity, and 28 charges of money laundering. At the time, she was 44 years old. Kirsten was sentenced to 11 years of prison. According to what we know, Kirsten is serving her sentence in a correctional facility located in California.

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