Where is Laren Sims’ Friend Sarah Dutra Now?

Sarah Dutra

Larry McNabney’s sudden disappearance in September 2001 wasn’t examined until about a month later. The authorities discovered several lies and deceit with his wife, Elisa. After a while, they discovered that Elisa was a fraudster known as Laren Sims with an extensive criminal record.

Although she admitted to killing her husband, she also was convicted of Sarah Dutra, the secretary in Larry’s office and a close acquaintance of hers. ABC News ’20/20: Hell in Heels’ concentrates on the case’s details and sheds light on Sarah’s subsequent trial. If you’re curious about what happened to Sarah in the years since her trial, we have to know.

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Who is Sarah Dutra?

Sarah was studying at California State University in Sacramento studying art. She came across Larry along with Laren (known by the name of Elisa) in the year 2000 when she replied to an advertisement for a part-time secretary in the legal department at Larry’s office. Sarah was a good friend of Laren and went along with them to show they went. They both often shopped, purchasing expensive clothes and costumes in addition.

When Laren was detained for murdering her husband, a confession was made that revealed exactly the events that took place for him and the extent to which Sarah played a role. Laren said that Sarah was a part of the poisoning of Larry when she was at an event for horses in September of 2001. The two then searched for the best place to put him to rest. The two drove to Yosemite National Park in California, and there, Laren stated the park was a good place to bury him. Sarah began digging the hole. But, as Larry was alive, they drove to their home.

After Larry passed away the next day, the family put Larry in the refrigerator in the garage. Along with wrapping the body with duct tape, they put a blanket over the fridge to keep it shut. After the fact, Laren and Sarah cooked elaborate cover stories to explain Larry’s disappearance. In one instance, the pair even invited Larry’s son into the house for a celebration even though the body was at the back of the garage.

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Following Laren’s confession, Sarah admitted to being a part of the murder. But she said that she had quit the show but came back after Laren called her, stating that her husband was sick. However, Sarah acknowledged being aware of the poisoning and claimed that she had dug a grave. In addition, she claimed the fact that Laren threatened to kill her if she did not assist in moving the body to the refrigerator.

At Sarah’s trial, in the early part of 2003, the daughter of Laren, Hayley, testified that Sarah didn’t indicate that she was scared of all of the wives Larry had. The prosecution claimed that Laren and Sarah made a fake signature for Larry on money checks and sold his personal belongings and other belongings.

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Where is Sarah Dutra Now?

The defense team emphasized Sarah’s impeccable record and said Laren manipulated her into aiding with this murder. Sarah’s lawyer claimed she was interrogated throughout the night and was not informed of her right to keep her mouth shut. The prosecution claimed that Sarah was lured to the glamorous lifestyle that Laren lived in and the wealth Larry earned. However, she was indicted for voluntary manslaughter and being an accomplice of murder in March. In her early 20s, Sarah was sentenced to 8 months and 11 years in prison.

While imprisoned, Sarah continued to paint and sharpened her abilities in the field of art. After serving around the majority of the time, Sarah was released from prison at just the beginning of August 26, 2011. Following her release, she had to serve three years of parole within Solano County, California, in which her parents resided. Since then, Sarah has maintained a low profile, and there isn’t much information about her work. Her last location is believed as Solano County.

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