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About Leah Askey | Where is Prosecutor in Betsy Faria Case Today?

It’s not difficult to see that the case of murder Elizabeth “Betsy” Faria is full of controversy throughout the way. What’s remarkable is that it includes prosecutors and detectives.

The case ranges from Russell “Russ” Faria’s trial to the possible scheme devised in the hands of Pam Hupp to an alleged affair that was not supposed to be being part of the investigation. It was all there, as well as the ‘The Thing About Pam’ details. 

Now, if you’re interested in knowing more concerning the person who tried to prosecute Betsy’s husband, not just once but twice, as well as her personal views we have the information for you.

Who is Leah Askey?

As an Juris Doctorate graduate (2006) from the Saint Louis University School of Law, Leah Askey was on the fast track of the field when she received an invitation to testify in the Betsy Faria homicide case. 

Thus when, in 2013, she painted Russ as a pot-smoking violent man who had assaulted his wife following the discovery that she’d made him one of the beneficiaries on her insurance plan jurors accepted her.

In his defense, Leah implied whoever killed Betsy cleaned up the mess and let the dog out following the incident and that there was nobody else who could have done that so quickly apart from the person who ran the establishment. 

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In the second case, the prosecutor also drew the attention of those friends who’d backed Russ his claims that he was playing at a nightclub which made them co-conspirators in the case against which no charges were made.

It is important to remember that over the next two years, accusations of Leah being involved in a romantic relationship in a relationship with Mike Lang, the then-captain of the investigations department of the Sheriff’s Office, also came to light, something she did not deny. 

She appeared unbothered and tried to acquit Russ another time in 2015, however, with more evidence completely connected with Pam Hupp, he was cleared of all charges.

What is Leah Askey Now?

Following his dismissal, Russ Faria sued Leah Askey and three investigators because they knowingly omitted exculpatory evidence, but the judge dismissed her from the case.

In 2017 The Lincoln County Commissioner’s Office looked into Leah for moral and criminal conduct, which revealed that, despite not having do anything wrong in the Betsy’s/Russ’ case she’s had numerous complaints made against her.

Furthermore, in 2018 she was disqualified from office, which many believe was due to the influence she was a part of Russ her wrongful conviction.

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Since the time, Leah Askey, now Leah Wommack Chaney, has continued her work as an attorney and counselor in a private practice known as Chaney Law Group. However, it is important to note that former Lincoln County prosecutor has also confessed that she isn’t going to stay in silence, and certainly not having her reputation ruined without reason.

“They’ve repeatedly tried to disbar me,” she said. “They have claimed that I’ve done several shady things all over the place. Every time they’ve been accused of doing that I am cleared of it.”

To prove that she is not regretful regarding the way she carried out what she was required to do, Leah said, “I believe that everything I did I did it to ensure that we were on the right road and also to make sure that we didn’t pursue someone who isn’t the commission of a crime.”

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