Where is Ranin Karim Now?

Where is Ranin Karim Now?

Investigation Discovery’s documentary ‘Hillsong: Megachurch Exposed’ features an interview with Ranin Karim, the woman who claimed to have a relationship with Carl in 2020. If you’re interested about what she said and where she could be now, we’ll tell you what we know about her.

Who is Ranin Karim?

Rain relocated into New York City from Palestine over 10 years ago. She was introduced to Carl in May 2020 as she was in the park. Carl came up to her, and they sat down briefly before exchanging some information.

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When Ranin wanted to know her name and contact information, she replied, “He was like, “When people look up individuals … they don’t have the best way to present yourself. It’s better to to know someone before you go online. It was the most bizarre answer I’ve previously seen.” In the moment, Ranin stated that Carl claimed to be an agent for sports.

In the next few days, Ranin used a reverse phone search tool to determine Carl’s name, and the man admitted that he was married and had children. She later stated “I recognize what I dragged myself into and in the same way I was determined to be a good person and get out of the way. I’m not an animal.”

When Ranin stated that she was wanted to break up the relationship multiple times after discovering they were married, she stated that Carl would show at her residence with the bottle of Tequila.

However, Ranin discovered that their relationship was not working for her over time. Later, she recalled, “I began to realize … the relationship was never his way. I began to back off and declare, ‘I don’t need this anymore. Leave me to myself. But the more you say “no” to him the more he comes back.”

Then, Laura found out about the affair and within a few days, Carl was fired from Hillsong. Although Ranin initially decided to keep her part of the story secret, Carl’s Instagram post about him being unfaithful caused her to come out.

At first, Ranin believed they were in love and added, “He had never loved anyone other than his spouse.

He said it was insane that he had lived two lives and isn’t sure how he managed to accomplish this.” But, the relationship came to an end after five months, when Hillsong and Laura discovered the relationship after which Carl sending Ranin an SMS message regarding the situation in November of 2020. In retrospect, she characterized the relationship she had with Carl as one that was toxic.

Where is Ranin Karim Now?

Rain was divorced before she got married to Carl. In her 30s, she’s a jewelry designer and owns her fashion firm. Additionally, Rain was also in the process of applying for US citizenship.

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Recently, she was more sympathetic to Laura’s situation. Laura was experiencing, saying, “I I feel sorry for Laura. I feel sorry for her. Women to women, I do not think she deserves to suffer in the manner she was. I didn’t intend to hurt her.”

Rain is still based in New York City and is set to debut into reality television. She’s also a guest on MTV’s “Ex on the Beach ” film, filming in Spain and set to premiere in March of 2022.

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