Where Is Russell Yates Now? – Here’s What You Should Know About Russell Yates

Where Is Russell Yates Now

The year 2001 was when the entire nation was stunned by the death of 5 children at the hands of their mother.

Andrea Yates kept her young children in a tub till they stopped moving, and she has been at the Texas mental health center following a ruling by a judge that she was not guilty of mental illness.

A brand new NBC News interview with her attorney offers insight into Yates’ life but provides only an update on the man she married, Rusty Yates, who was later remarried and had an infant daughter with his current partner.

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Yates was not at home when the murders. She returned to work only to find the bloody scene. Andrea Yates had a history of mental health problems and was previously a suicide attempt survivor. Yates was later criticized for leaving her children together with the mother.

As per a site he set up in memory of his children, Yates is a former NASA engineer who married again after divorce from Andrea just a few years following the murders.

Yates is now the father of an eight-year-old boy with his former wife, who has filed for divorce last year. One of the Yates kids with Andrea, Noah, would be 21 by February.

Yates spoke about the tragic incident in a new interview on Oprah Winfrey last year, telling her that he still calls his ex-wife every month and also visits her every year on his Kerrville, Texas, mental hospital where she lives.

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Yates stated to Winfrey that he’s forgiving the murderer of his children. He also said he’s always “blamed her illness” for their deaths.

In the interview, Yates explained that when he thinks of the five kids he has, he envisions they are teenagers. His oldest, he stated, was 20 had it not been for drownings.

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