Where is Sanditon Set?

Where is Sanditon Set? When Does it Take Place?

Produced by Andrew Davies, ‘Sanditon’ is a historical drama TV show inspired by the manuscript never completed by Jane Austen. It follows Charlotte, an 18-year-old woman who goes to Sanditon, the newly renovated beach resort of Sanditon, to better understand. On arrival, she’s somewhat shocked by the intelligent character of the people who live there and is soon involved in their struggles and dreams.

As time passes, Charlotte finds love and learns a thing about heartbreak and friendship. Furthermore, the secrets of the Sanditon’s residents are revealed and alter the course of every person’s life. The visual and historical set-up of ‘Sanditon’ adds to its distinctiveness and plays a crucial role in shaping the plot. Now, let’s get more details on the date and location of the show, will we?

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Sanditon SPOILERS Ahead.

What Year Does Sanditon Take Pace?

“Sanditon” takes the viewer into the Regency Era in England in the first quarter of 1800. From mid-March 1817 on, author Jane Austen wrote 24,000 words of her novel, but it was not completed due to her passing in July of that same year. Because the manuscript is the main source material for the story, It is likely to mirror the time frame in which Austen created her story.

Where is Sanditon Set?

Furthermore, Sanditon is a former fishing village that has been transformed into a resort on the sea, a sign of a period of modernization and social change that occurred during the first half of the late 19th century. In terms of history, it is said that it is believed that the Regency Era is considered a period of major economic, social, political, technological, artistic, and artistic changes Sanditon portrays this precisely. Additionally, in season one, Charlotte engages with the modern sea bathing machines that were the first invention at the time.

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The show’s themes illustrate its historical background that includes the changing public views regarding class division, slavery, and racism in the upper society, and females are starting to leave home and into the world. The intricate courtship process and the process of finding suitable suitors during that time and the idea of forbidden love and grand dances are elaborately explored in the show ‘Sanditon.’

What Location is Sanditon Set In?

“Sanditon” is a film about the seaside resort remodeled after a previous fishing town. While the owner plans to take the sleepy village into the 21st century, the inhabitants aren’t still completely on board with the concept. In addition, a large portion of the village is ruled by elites such as the famous Lady Denham (Anne Reid), who owns an enormous estate.

But, Sanditon does not exist in the real world. It’s a fictional town invented in the works of Jane Austen in her manuscript, which Worthing most likely inspires, Dawlish, Sidmouth, and Lyme Regis, renowned seaside towns located in South West England. The author stayed briefly in these areas in 1805 when a popular beach resort called Worthing was still in its early stage of development. The author likely drew on their observations about the area and the locals to compose her manuscript.

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These seaside towns and resorts did enjoy an enormous amount of attention in South West England in the early 1800s, which led to an increase in development projects and tourism. It was an indicator of social change embracing the new ideas of entertainment and leisure.

The show can capture the essence of a new seaside resort from the Regency era, with one of the essential elements of the plot that revolves around Tom Parker’s (Kris Marshall) development plan for the Sanditon resort, as in the amusement by the others by the changes to the town. To maintain authenticity, the show can be filmed in similar English coastal areas, such as Clevedon, a beach town Clevedon situated in Somerset.

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