Where is Uber Driver Fawzi Kamel Now?

Uber Driver Fawzi Kamel

The show follows the amazing, true story of ride-sharing company Uber from the point of view of chief executive Travis Kalanick; Showtime’s Super Pumped the Battle for Uber is unlike others. It focuses on the company’s lows, and highs through the perspective of the person who was eventually removed due to a decision many believed was just as necessary following months of internal and outward conflicts. One of those incidents was the one that made headlines.

Travis was involved with driver Fawzi Kamel in the year 2017. If you’d like to know more about this particular incident, here’s everything we’ve learned.

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Who is Uber Driver Fawzi Kamel?

On February 5, 2017, Superbowl Sunday, the day that Uber driver Fawzi Kamel was spotted by the company’s CEO as a guest, prompting him to make his thoughts public. Thus, after the ride was finished and two women with him sitting in his back seat got out, the 37-year-old was able to talk about the price drop and how it affected drivers. As a driver of Uber Black, the luxury service offered by the company Uber Black The “competitor” argument did not sit nicely with Fawzi, which led him to wonder about the company’s business model overall. The conversation became a heated debate.

“But people don’t trust them now,” Fawzi said during the discussion before noting that he’d made a bet on the company by purchasing a luxurious car so the car could be driven but could not make cash due to a reduction in prices. “Do you think people ever buy cars again? … I have lost $97,000 as a result of your actions. I’m bankrupt as a result of you. Every day you change.” This was when Travis was irritated, after which he said, “You know certain people don’t like to be accountable for their own mistakes. ***. They blame everything that happens in their lives on others. Best of luck!”

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Incredulous and dissatisfied, Fawzi gave a one-star rating to the CEO for 40 years old before releasing the dashcam film of the incident to Bloomberg, which published the footage in late February. In the 48 hours following the video’s release, Travis apologized to his entire team. However, he also contacted Fawzi to arrange an individual meeting to discuss an apology from the individual, which was more than one hour long. According to the reports, they also discussed Uber pricing policies, and the Uber executive then decided to compensate Fawzi by making Fawzi a total of $200,000 from his pocket.

Where is Fawzi Kamel Now?

“Uber continued to lower prices every season to increase the number of riders to keep up with their growth. It wasn’t a problem to Uber that the driver was not earning minimum wages,” Fawzi said to explain why Fawzi met with Travis Kalanick. “And the most shocking thing is that they consider us partners, but they decide the rules, decide on the prices, and even select the vehicles you can choose to use.”

Then he said, “The most important thing is that the very first Uber Black vehicle drivers were the true owners of Uber. What’s the explanation for why the investor angels in Uber transformed their $20,000 into millions of dollars while the first Uber Black driver received nothing?”

Looking at the place Fawzi is now, from the information we’ve gathered that his former Uber employee is a California resident. He prefers to remain far from the spotlight. Several limousine companies reportedly employed him before joining the ride-sharing firm; however, now he is working for Anise LLC in Petaluma.

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