Where is Vault 81?

Vault 81 lies to the west to the west of Diamond City. Take note of the river, as it makes this part of the map more easy to find.

When you’ve arrived at this location in the maps, West from Diamond City, you’ll be faced with difficulties when trying to open the door leading to Vault 81 (use the control panel). The Overseer is looking for 3 Fusion Cores, however you’ll be able to get through with a simple voice test to say ‘Help an individual who is a Vault dweller’.

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If you do not have the cores, return later to collect the cores, or restart the load until you have passed the speech test. No matter what you decide to do in opening the door, the person who opens it will greet you at the entry point with security.

To activate the Hole in the Wall, you’ll need to exit Vault 81. Walk a few feet beyond the vault’s cave entry point, and then go back to Vault 81. Return towards Doctor Forsythe. There’s a stressful situation involving the sick child, a vault dweller.

McNamara will inform the character that to get into the Vault it is necessary to carry three Fusion Cores to the Vault as an alternative to pay. Or the Survivor might pass a difficult speech test. If they decide to give up the cores and be paid with 100 bottlecaps provided by the overseer.

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Is it worth it to get into Vault 81?

A short trip to Vault 81 may result in a few quests, including the Medicine Bobblehead, a new companion, and the possibility of purchasing one of the top weapons available in Fallout 4 – Overseer’s Guardian. The Vault isn’t far away and is worth the effort given all it can provide.

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