Where To Catch Gastly In Pokemon Go?

Now Pokemon Go gives you the chance of finding a shining form of Pokemon “Gastly” in the coming October. Well!! That’s good news for players, who always like to own shiny variants. But the question is “Where To Catch Gastly In Pokemon Go”? Catching it is not an easy task. But, we have some information that can help you with this and you can easily be able to find and catch it.

Pokemon Go holds a Spotlight Hour event each week. A certain pokemon’s spawn rate will significantly increase during this time. Players have the ideal opportunity to catch a tonne of different variations of that pokemon, including Gastly, during this time. 

Spotlight hour event features Gothita, Drifloon, Gastly, and Murkrow. Today we will talk about Gastly in this article. So, just be ready to catch it.

Where To Catch Gastly In Pokemon Go?

You can catch shiny Gastly at his locations or from the places where it can be found. Shiny Gastly can be found in the wild, and dreary and cloudy weather may make it more likely to spawn. Additionally, they are present in raids and research encounters.

Since the Halloween event of 2020, this shiny version has been over the entire game and may now be found in the aforementioned areas. Trainers should anticipate seeing a lot of them around Halloween each year. It can occasionally hatch from 2 km eggs and is mostly seen at night.

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At What Locations Do You See Gastly Higher Spawn Rate

Gastly spawn rates are reportedly higher around these 3 locations:

  • Residential
  • Cemeteries
  • Churches

How To Catch Gastly In Pokemon Go?

These are the 4 most effective ways to catch Gastly in pokemon go:

  • Escape Battle: Simply leave the area when the player encounters a standard Gastly and try to find another one. In order to find a shiny Gastly, the player needs to run faster between encounters. 
  • The Fast Catch Trick: The Pokeball capture animation can be skipped using this technique. Additionally, it will shorten the time between encounters. Although mastering it, is essential for time-saving, it could some time to become used to.
  • Star Piece: Players who use this item will collect twice as much as stardust. You can increase it to x4 by using this item during the event.
  • Candy Hunting: For gamers who want to evolve their Gengar, this is a fantastic method for you. Gengar, even in its shiny form, can become stronger by collecting loads of candy. 
  • Play during the event that features Gastly: Gastly can be featured in the spotlight hour. There is a very good probability that you will run into a shining Gastly during the spotlight hour because it’s quite possible to encounter 500 Gastly or even more.
  • Look for Gastly nests: Try to look for the Gastly nests. You will find more Gastly in those areas where the spawn rate of Gastly is high. Nests increase the spawn rate of pokemon. So, there will be a good chance of finding it from here.

When Will You Catch Gastly?

Previously, Gastly held a community day celebration, and this was the last opportunity to locate its Shiny form. Beyond having many color variations for their design, shiny pokemon don’t actually accomplish anything. The actual attraction is found in randomly coming across these Pokemon either playing the game or going out looking for them.

Gastly Spotlight Hour

During the month of October, a distinct pokemon will be highlighted, along with a unique bonus, for one hour at 6 p.m local time. The special pokemon which is featured in this hour is Gastly with a bonus 2x Catch Stardust. 

On October 12 from 6 to 7 p.m. local time, Gastly Spotlight hour will be held. Additionally, there is a bonus for each pokemon go spotlight hour, This time, catching this pokemon will result in a player receiving twice as much as stardust.

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Gastly comes in second place in the golden hour of pokemon go, which takes place in October. Gothita owns the first position. Those who have not caught gastly yet, Don’t Worry!! The Spotlight Hour is about to start in coming October. This comes as another opportunity for you to catch shiny Gastly in pokemon go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Gastly is rare in pokemon go?

Gastly is one of the rarest pokemon, which makes its appearance in the spotlight hour of pokemon go. The reason that it is the rarest pokemon is that it is only available for less time, only one hour. You have only one hour to defeat it, which is very less time.

Is there a shiny Gengar in pokemon go?

Yes, there is a shiny Gengar in pokemon go. Players have the best chance of spotting a shiny Gengar during the Gengar spotlight hour when the pokemon appears in the wild more frequently.

How does the Shiny Gastly Look?

The aura and shell of Shiny Gastly have a pale blue color. Its features, such as the furrows in its brows, the lines on its face, and the outline of its aura, are highlighted in a fiery magenta or pink.

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