Where was Blade Runner 2049 Filmed?

Blade Runner 2049

Produced and directed by Denis Villeneuve, ‘Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel to the cult sci-fi film of the same name “Blade The Runner. It begins thirty years after the events of the 1982 film, which Ryan Gosling narrates as K, a Nexus-9 replicant who is looking to get rid of rebellious replicants. He discovers a hidden treasure in the ruins of a city, which threatens to throw the entire world order.

Although it is a sequel, the film reads as its distinctive space opera, aided by the music of Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch. The majority of the film takes place in the setting of a future post-apocalyptic Los Angeles while we look at a future Las Vegas stripped off its glory and powered by solar energy. If you want to find all locations used for filming, Let us look at the roots of the depressing landscape.

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Blade Runner 2049 Filming Locations

“Blade Runner 2049” was shot filming in Hungary, Spain, Mexico, Iceland, the US, and, in particular, Budapest. The filming started in July of 2016 and continued through November. When you look at the film, you might know how getting the huge soundstage for the space opera was a challenge. The team began scouting locations in April, starting with London. There was no soundstage within the city to help the production. However, the executive producer Ridley Scott had connections in Budapest.

The government of Hungary also granted them the hefty 25 percent tax credit. Roger Deakins handled the cinematography of the film, his third film together with Denis Villeneuve after ‘ Sicario and ‘ Prisoners. Alongside the well-known producer Dennis Gassner (whose work on “Bugsy” won his Academy Award), the director and DOP created the mood and palette for the film.

To portray the Post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, they were attracted by the 1950s’ architectural style stripped down and brutalist that developed in the UK following the conflict. The buildings like Trellick Tower, the Barbican Estate, or the Trellick Tower are simple and are painted in stark contrast to the romanticism of architecture during the 1940s.

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The southern foothills of Spain, as well as the winter fog of Beijing as well as Bangladeshi ports, were also sources of inspiration for the location. In the case of the crimson-colored Las Vegas scenes, the crew was inspired by the intense dust storms in Saudi Arabia, Sydney, and the Sahara. They also visited Slovakia to collect additional architectural concepts. But, let us take you to the actual locations of where the film was shot!

Budapest, Hungary

The majority of the film was shot at and in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Deakins realized that they would have to film around two-thirds of this film in soundstages, and their search ended in Budapest. The crew filmed a few scenes in an old Budapest Stock Exchange headquarters, which was the home of MTV, the Hungarian TV station MTV from 1955.

The structure also doubled in the role of Las Vegas casino interiors in the film. She was also known as the magnificent Beaux-Arts huge structure; the iconic structure in Szabadsag Square was designed and constructed by revered Hungarian designer Ignac Alpar.

Filming also took place on the 10 acres wide backlot part of Origo Studios. The Studio is located on the outskirts of the city. The Studio is among the Hollywood standard production houses within the city. Additionally, the crew went to the Soviet-era old buildings like Inota or Kelenfold Power Plants to actualize the dystopian atmosphere of the story. In the meantime, the filming schedule was scuttled by incidents. An Origo Studios employed subcontractor was injured as one set was being removed.

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Etyek, Hungary

If you’re not aware, Etyek, a village approximately 26 kilometers to the west of Budapest city center, is a production area. Other than the backlot, the bulk of the scenes in the interior is shot in a large-scale production studio located in the village. The presence of Korda Studios, locally nicknamed Etyekwood, has earned the village that produces wine its place on the international film production map. A privately owned studio situated in a former barracks, The Studio boasts the largest sound stage in the world, 5,975 square meters, which is the largest in its class. The Studio has been used for everything from ‘ Midsommer’ to ‘ The Martian. Many blockbusters of the world were shot at the Studio.

Andalusia, Spain

Making the epic ambiance of the film ‘Blade 2049’ was difficult, and the crew was required to go out on several occasions. It was a trip to the autonomous city of Andalusia to film a few initial scenes. The solar panel field visible in the opening footage was shot in Seville, which is the capital city of the Spanish autonomous community of Andalucia (Andalusia).

THE FIRST PRIVATELY OWNED SOLAR POWER PLANTS, the PS10 and PS20 Solar Power Plants, are located in Sanlucar la Mayor, about 27 km to the west of Seville city. It is also where the sequence could have been recorded. The team also recorded some aerial shots, including the greenhouse sequence within El Ejido, a municipality located within the Almeria province.

Other Locations for Filming

While most of ‘Blade Runner 2049’ was made in controlled studio settings, aerial shots transport viewers to the far areas of the world; a few aerial photos were captured near the coastline of Iceland; Some of them feature the Mexican Gulf and The US Nevada state. Nevada.

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