Cheating For Your Life Filmed

Cheating For Your Life Filmed Location Update

Be aware of where the new Cheating for Your Life movie was filmed. Alongside that, you’ll know about the film and the cast.

Cheating For Your Life Filmed Location, Cast, Brief Intro, Release Date

Where was Cheating For Your Life Filmed

The film Cheating For Your Life was shot in Los Angeles, California.

The film’s location was picked within Los Angeles due to the local radio, television and music production and the number of attractions for tourists and amusements.

Hollywood stars, film and TV industries and beautiful beaches make LA the most famous city in the world and a favourite holiday destination. In large-scale productions, a lot of actors live in the city. In addition, production houses and studios are also present, which means that the cost of travel is at a low level.

Additionally, businesses receive tax credits to make movies and other cities; Los Angeles hands out incentives and tax credits to filmmakers who want to shoot within Los Angeles.

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Cheating For Your Life Story

“Cheating” For Your Life follows Kaley as she investigates her past and puts her in a predicament that threatens her life. Kaley is an A-student and has always tried her best to keep ahead of the trends.

Her dedication and perseverance have resulted in high SAT scores. However, when she discovers that many underachievers and academic nobodies also have achieved high SAT scores, she suspects some foul playing.

Unable to comprehend the facts, Kaley begins to dig into how these students could achieve high marks and discovers an entire ring of cheaters. But as she digs, it puts her in the sights of not just the cheaters but those who orchestrated it. Kaley’s future is in danger.

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Cheating For Your Life Cast

Francesca Xuereb plays Kaley with Boti Bliss playing Principal Wells. Shawn Christian and Heather McComb as well. Brittany Underwood directs the movie with a script by Brooke Purdy.

Cheating For Your Life Release Date

Cheating For Your Life airs on Lifetime Channel on March 13 2022, at 8 pm ET/PT.

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