Where Was Hallmark’s Just One Kiss Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Just One Kiss

Produced by Jeff Beesley, ‘Just One Kiss is a love story film directed by Hallmark. The story revolves around Mia and Tony, who have an unforgiving past in their relationships. They cross paths at a movie screening. The classic black and white film, and while they do not read too much into it, another person does. Their mothers are both present to watch the two engage with one another. Their matriarchs choose to unite and create Mia and Tony be a couple.

The matchmakers implement one plan after another, making sure Mia’s apartment is located in an identical building to Tony’s. After numerous encounters and mutual attraction, the two think it’s destiny and decides to go ahead with dating. But, it’s not ever that simple, and despite the gorgeous and romantic scenes, the reality of life lands on the pair. The film is filled with stunning visuals that help create the right scene for all the love there. If you’re interested in finding the location where the film is shot, you have to look no further. We’ve got all the details!

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Just One Kiss Filming Locations

“Just One Kiss” was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. Part of Hallmark’s ‘Spring into Love’ line-up, The film was shot in February 2022. Here’s a deeper review of all the locations featured in the romantic comedy!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Although “Just One Kiss” was set in New York, it was mostly shot in Vancouver. The port city has been an ideal location for filming many Hallmark films. The place in which Tony is working and wows his patrons with his dulcet voice is located in the city. According to sources, the cast stayed at the gorgeous Sutton Place Hotel during filming. The 5-star hotel is located at 845 Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver.

Shortly before the film’s premiere in April 2022, Aida Turturro (Sofia) talked about her relationship with her co-star Illeana Douglas (Marlene). Though the two didn’t meet before the filming process, they soon became pals and had fun working with each other. Turturro was also very satisfied with the other members of the crew. She described her time in Vancouver as a huge gathering.

As her first Hallmark film experience, the actress couldn’t wish for more satisfaction. Another wonderful friendship that was formed during the film’s production of “Just One Kiss” was that of the young actresses Ava Grace Cooper (Rosie) and Alice Rose (Isabella).

Douglas posted a photo on Instagram in which she expressed her joy during the filming of “Just One Kiss. The post shared a tiny video with clips from the film’s filming. She captioned her post with, “That’s the end of it! It’s been a blast.” Other important Hallmark films shot in the city’s ports of Vancouver include ‘ A Second Chance at Love and ‘ A Little Daytime Drama and ‘ Christmas in Tahoe.’

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Just One Kiss Cast

Santino Fontana plays the role that is Tony Romano, a popular performer at the Manhattan Supper Club. In this Hallmark production, Fontana sings with a beautiful voice to evergreen tunes like “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “New York, New York.” The Tony Award-winning actor has won two times. In the films The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend..’

The actress joining Santino Santino is Krysta Rodriguez, who plays Mia Rivera, a college professor who is going through a divorce. Rodriguez is a phenomenal actress and singer with expertise in theatre and television, and films. Her most popular songs include ‘Quantico Smash and Daybreak. In the film ‘Just One Kiss, she performs duets with Fontana in the classic romantic tune “Fly Me to the Moon.” Ava Grace Cooper plays Mia’s 11-year-old girl, Rosie.

Illeana Douglas is the character of Mia’s mother, Marlene, and Aida Turturro appears as Tony’s mother, Sofia. Other noteworthy cast actors in the film are Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez (Gabrielle), Nicole Major (Nicole), Garfield Wilson (Jack), Alice Rose (Isabella) as well as Mariesa Crouse (Erica).

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