Where Was Lifetime’s A Gift of Murder Filmed?

Where Was Lifetime’s A Gift of Murder Filmed?

Do you want to know where A Gift of Murder was filmed? Find out more below the locations.

A girl attends an alternative school after moving to her parent’s house due to issues at home. She quickly rubs one of the girls at the school in the wrong direction. The bad girl decides to take the responsibility of making the freshman’s life.

A Gift of Murder Filming Locations

“A Gift of Murder” was shot in Georgia, especially in Atlanta, Peachtree City, and Brookhaven under “Psycho Sweet 16”.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is considered to be the capital city of Georgia. The U.S. Georgia state. Georgia. It was a key player in both Civil War and during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Atlanta History Center chronicles the City’s history, and its Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site is dedicated to the life of the leader of African descent and time.

Peachtree City, Georgia

Peachtree City, Georgia, is the biggest urban area within Fayette County, Georgia, United States. According to the year 2010 United States Census, it was home to 34,364 people. Peachtree City is situated within South Metro Atlanta. Peachtree City is known for its frequent usage of golf cars.

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Brookhaven, Georgia

Brookhaven is an urban area within northwestern suburbs in Atlanta situated in the western part of DeKalb County, Georgia, the United States, directly northeast of Atlanta. On the 31st of July, 2012, Brookhaven was ratified in an election to become DeKalb County’s 11th City.

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