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Where was Molly’s Game Filmed?

Produced by Aaron Sorkin, ‘Molly’s Game” is an Aaron Sorkin-directed biographical crime film that centers on Molly ( Jessica Chastain), an Olympic-level skier who relocates from Colorado’s mountains to Los Angeles Angeles after suffering a career-ending injury. As a waitress, she is appointed for the office manager position for Dean (Jeremy Strong), who also includes her in his poker tournaments.

If Molly begins earning huge amounts of money from tips and builds good relationships with many big players, she threatens Dean is dismissing her. Molly initiates playing her poker; however, things go wrong when she is involved in an altercation with a famous player.

Molly relocates her family to New York for a fresh start, but she eventually faces charges of illegal gambling. Molly hires Charlie Jaffey ( Idris Elba) as her lawyer to safeguard Molly and the clients she represents from the FBI. Based on Molly Bloom’s memoir, The 2017 film is a visual and mental delight with high stakes poker games in lavish settings, making you appreciate how rich those who play are. If you’re curious to find out where the incredible scenes from the movie were shot, we have the answer!

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Molly’s Game Locations of Filming

While it was primarily set within New York City and Los Angeles, the film ‘Molly’s Game’ was shot in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto, Ontario. A few scenes were filmed in other regions in the Canadian province and Toronto, the capital city of New York. The main shooting began on November 9 in New York and was completed on February 9, 2017. Let’s go deeper into the process of filming the critically acclaimed film!

Toronto, Ontario

The majority of “Molly’s game filming took place in Toronto, the capital city of Ontario. Ontario. A few scenes from the interior were shot on sets built on Stages 2,11, and 12 of the Pinewood Toronto Studios, located at 225 Commissioners Street. The production studio was used to make scenes for the courtroom where Molly’s trial took place. It’s possible that the complex was also used as a part where Charlie’s office is situated in Manhattan.

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But, Citigroup Place, located at Citigroup Place at 123 Front Street West, served as the building where Molly’s attorney, Charlie’s office, is situated on the screen. The scenes inside the lawyers’ office were shot at the Toronto Dominion Centre or the TD Center, which is situated at 66 Wellington Street West in the city.

The crew also visited numerous restaurants with lavish decor to shoot a couple of scenes from the Jessica Chastain starrer. Katana on Bay which was earlier named Blowfish on Bay, was used as the background for Molly’s conversation with an agent for literary work concerning her novel. The restaurant is located at 333 Bay Street; the restaurant was shut down for good.

The film was made about infamous steakhouses, such as Bardi’s Steak House at 56 York Street and Hy’s Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar located at 336 Bay Street. These locations were reportedly the backdrop for scenes where Molly faces various mobsters.

Molly’s first workplace within Los Angeles. South Californian city of Los Angeles is where she started the beginning of her company. To film the scenes within and around the mentioned location in the film, the crew relocated to the intersection of Bayview Avenue and Belsize Drive in the Leaside neighborhood of Toronto. Particularly, a commercial structure located at 1560 Bayview Avenue doubled up as Molly’s initial office.

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Other locations in Ontario

Outside of Toronto’s city Toronto, other scenes were filmed in the small town of Collingwood, located in Simcoe County, Ontario. It was the 2002 Winter Olympics qualifier in which Molly Bloom participated and later hurt herself, is played in the Deer Valley Resort in Utah. However, the footage depicting the same incident was shot in the Beaver Valley Ski Club, located at 100 Pioneer Drive in Markdale in Grey County, southern Ontario.

New York

Since a large portion of the story is in New York, several key scenes were shot with New York as the Big Apple as the backdrop. The Wollman Rink between East 62nd and East 63rd Street in Central Park in Manhattan is shown in the film; as Molly skates around the rink, she waits for Charlie. The rink’s bench is the spot where Molly is reunited and her father, Larry Bloom (Kevin Costner), on the screen.

Other cities featured in the film ‘Molly’s Game” include The Plaza Hotel, located at 775 5th Avenue, and Grand Army Plaza, located at Fifth Avenue and Central Park South.

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