Where Was Moon Knight Filmed?

Where Was Moon Knight Filmed?

Jeremy Slater of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ fame created “Moon Knight,” live-action miniseries about superheroes inspired by The Marvel comics character with a similar name.

Doug Moench and Don Perlin invented the character’s fictional character. Oscar Isaac figures in the cape of Marc Spector, a mercenary with a dissociative identity disorder. He is the vehicle for Khonshu, the Egyptian lunar God Khonshu beginning to unravel a sinister story that digs deep in Egyptian mythology.

The show is the sixth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and shares continuity with the movies. The majority of the episodes are set in various surreal locales, providing a tour through tombs and secret chambers. You might be wondering which location the show was shot or filmed, and if that’s the case, let us investigate further.

Moon Knight Filming Locations

“Moon Knight” was filming in Hungary, Jordan, Slovenia, and the US. The filming was set to begin in November 2020. However, the plan was canceled because of the outbreak of the pandemic.

According to the sources, the filming started in April 2021 and ended in October 2021. We’ll now take you to the exact locations where the series filming.

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Budapest, Hungary

A large portion of the film was shot in Budapest in Hungary, where the team started the principal photography. In addition to filming in Budapest for three months from April to June 2021 – the team returned to film different sequences.

The filming of several scenes took place in The Museum of Fine Arts, an art museum located within the city, located on the square known as the Heroes right next to the Palace of Art. In early June 2021, the crew visited Madach Square, an affluent area near River Danube.

Szentendre, Hungary

The filming was conducted in Szentendre, the small Szentendre township located outside of Budapest. The town on the river located in Pest County has a stunning mountain view. A handful of sequences were captured within and around the town’s main square.

The traffic authorities in the area put barricades on the streets to ensure a safe production. Ethan Hawke, who plays the antagonist in the film was spotted within the area.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

The series blends many elements of Egyptian mythology. The team needed to capture some in the deserts. The team went into Jordan to capture the stunning landscape that was crucial to the show’s plot.

According to sources, they shot within their Valley of the Moon, commonly referred to in the region as Wadi Rum. It is located on the southern part of Jordan it is the biggest Wadi (valley) within the nation. Based on its name, the area it could have some connection to the mythological elements featured in the TV show.

Osilnica, Slovenia

The crew and cast left no stone unturned when creating the epic mystic ambience. So, an essential scene of a car chase was made in Osilnica the sleepy town in the southern part of Slovenia.

It’s located in the middle of the Kolpa River. From ‘The Chronicles of the Narnia: Prince Caspian,’ to the classic war-themed comedy ‘No Man’s land Global films have visited this country repeatedly.

Los Angeles, California

Certain scenes were shot at and in Los Angeles, the city is known throughout the world for its role in the filmmaking history. Los Angeles entices the directors by its modern production facilities and ranches, lush greenery and the sun-soaked beaches.

Furthermore, because of the abundance of various cities, the city could be a typical US backdrop , if one turns away from the eye-catching Hollywood logo.

Metro Atlanta, Georgia

The filming was also done in and around Atlanta, the world’s largest film production hub and a renowned US city that happens as the capital city of Georgia state. Atlanta is the home of a thriving scene and a film production district, was the location where the crew and cast completed the final details.

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Iver Heath, England

The crew may also have gotten access to Pinewood Studios in England. According to reports, the production was planned to be held at Pinewood Studios. England Studios of Pinewood.

It is situated within the town in the village of Iver Heath, in Slough located around 18 miles to the west from Central London. The production facility has been one of the important filming centers in the UK and has been featured the filming location in James Bond movies.

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