Where Was The Last Kingdom Filmed? England, Wales, and Hungary locations of filming for Netflix Viking series

Where Was The Last Kingdom Filmed

Netflix shows The Last Kingdom just released the fifth and final season of its series The Last Kingdom, but a sequel will wrap up any unfinished business.

The violent show, which is loosely based on the history of the time, follows Uhtred the Saxon kidnapped to Danes as a child who embarks on a long journey to claim his rightful birthright. While at the same time, Mediaeval rulers seek to unify two kingdoms fighting Danish raids.

But Where Was The Last Kingdom Filmed? The series is set in Denmark and northern England and, in particular, Northumberland since this is where the events in the series occurred in the past millennium.

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Where was the show shot? Here’s everything you should be aware of.

Where Was The Last Kingdom filmed?

One of the major plotlines in The Last Kingdom is Uhtred’s desire to restore his position as the ruler in Bamburgh (referred to by its name in the story in the series as Bebbanburg) castle in Northumberland, from which the castle was taken to the hands of Vikings at the beginning of the series.

An enthralling battle sequence was captured at the Bamburgh coast. Still, Uhtred actor Alexander Dreymon was not involved, and the supposedly shot at Bamburgh castle scenes were shot elsewhere.

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This was among the one or two scenes from the show recorded in England and comprised only two minutes of the footage used.

Most scenes from The Last Kingdom were filmed in Hungary and the central European country serving as medieval England.

The production company Korda Studios owns about eight acres of land in Budapest, where the majority of films were shot.

For instance, while season five premieres in Iceland, where Brida is leading an army, filming was held within an ancient quarry near Budapest.

If characters are supposed to explore the Wessex countryside, These scenes were filmed in Hungary.

The country offers a wide variety of open, vast landscapes, making it ideal for shooting most rural scenes that dominate the television show.

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But in the case of filming scenes from the coast, a different place was required – and with Hungary being a landlocked nation, it’s easy to see the reason.

The Whistling Sands of Llyn Peninsula, North Wales, was utilized in the initial episode of the series to shoot coastal shoots.

Then, quite a bit of confusion, the crew was returning to Hungary to shoot scenes on… Wales.

A battle is featured in the show in Goboljaras, a Welsh village that was shot in Goboljaras located about 50km from Budapest.

Furthermore, massive sets needed to be built on the spot in Hungary to recreate the epic Saxon halls and castles to which Uhtred and the legendary Viking and Saxon rulers staked their claim.

This involved remaking the massive Bebbanburg Castle set. The set was used in season 4, in which Uhtred can launch an attack to try to claim the castle to himself.

What is the best place to stream The Last Kingdom?

The entire Five seasons of The Last Kingdom are available to stream now on Netflix.

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