The Amazon Prime upload is back Season 2; we unmask the real-life locations that serve as the beautiful backdrop to this sci-fi satire.

Upload lets fans experience a far more technologically advanced age than one we live in today. The holographic phone has replaced iPhone, and food items are available through 3D printers and shopping for groceries is now an automated procedure.

The possibilities aren’t entirely out of the realm of possibility because technology is developing; however, what separates Upload’s world from ours is that people can now upload themselves to the digital world.

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It’s a form of Lakeview, which is a luxurious spot where people can enjoy their lives after death. But is Lakeview an actual location?


Fans will be thrilled to learn that Lakeview is a reality and that you can visit it regardless of the places all over the world. Mohonk Mountain House, located in Ulster County, N.Y., shows the exterior of Lakeview.

Scenes taken at Lakeview’s dock takes location within British Columbia at Deer Lake Park.

Furthermore, the beautiful parks that Lakeview residents love are genuine. It is located within the Stanley Park Pavilion in Vancouver.

Additional filming locations include Fairway Market in Brooklyn as the Horizon headquarters, and a few scenes were shot in Manhattan.

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Amazon Prime has released all seven episodes of the season on its streaming platform on the 11th of March day 2022.

An announcement issued by Amazon studios teases viewers by revealing their Season 2 synopsis, saying:

“In UploadSeason Two, Nathan is at a point of no return at a crossroads in the course of his (after) existence… the girl he was with Ingrid is unexpectedly arriving at Lakeview hoping to build a stronger relationship, yet his heart longs at his Customer Service guru Nora. In the meantime, Nora is not in the city and is involved in the rebel group against technology called “The Ludds.” Season Two is filled with exciting concept ideas, including Lakeview’s new digital baby app in the form of “prototypes,” and other humorous glimpses of technological advancements and problems to be expected in the years too.”


Fans eagerly anticipated the second season of the Amazon show with a futuristic theme, and they have been quick to take to Twitter to express their opinions. The fan stated: “Ngl #Upload is such an obscure show that I’m binge-watching with fervour now that season 2 is available.”

The fan cannot wait for the third season and has posted: “Okay, but why did the second season of uploads finish like that? Are you telling me that I need to be patient for a whole year to get another flawless season? ?”

Another user shared a GIF in reaction to the show in which it reads: “Me after binging all seven episodes of season 2 #upload.”

One viewer was furious at the conclusion: “Finished watching season 2 of Upload in just one day. Season 2 indeed premiered the other day. How can they leave me With a CLIFFHANGER.”

Then, this fan wanted more. He tweeted: “Upload season 2 is available. However, it’s only seven episodes.”

Upload is now available for streaming through Amazon Prime.

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