Where was You Won’t Be Alone Filmed?

You Won't Be Alone

Goran Stolevski celebrated the occasion of his feature director’s debut in “You Won’t Be Alone,’ a horror-themed film that aims to convey an unsettling atmosphere. The film unfolded in the Balkan country of Macedonia in the 19th century and taps on the folklore and mythology of the region to create a dark, sombre environment of horror.

It is about an innocent witch who wanders the forests in a secluded setting and takes an unexpected turn when she attacks a peasant living in the village. Being in the peasant’s body triggers a desire in her to be the flesh of a human. So, the witch sets off on a journey of a lifetime to satisfy her desire, taking on human bodies.

“Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows and the famed ‘Lamb’. Swedish actor Noomi Rapace plays the main role in the film along with a stellar cast. The story is set in the forest and towns of Macedonia, giving a glimpse into the magical period of the past. In the same way, this film revisits the ratio of 4:3 to reconsider its vintage vibe. You are likely aware of the difficulty of trying to make a convincing period setting. Therefore, if you’re wondering which locations the film was shot, We’ll guide you to the location.

You’ll Never Be Alone When Filming Locations.

“You Won’t Be Alone was shot throughout Serbia, specifically in the town of Pokrevenik. The filming was completed by December 10, 2020. Matthew Chuang, the cinematographer of the film ‘Blue Bayou’, was entrusted with the task of the project. Bethany Ryan, whose previous credits include the direction of the film ‘ Nerve, was in charge of the design. The production, though Australian and is supported by Screen Australia and Film Victoria. They found the perfect location for the film in far-flung Serbia.

The country is landlocked. The country offers a wide range of beautiful locations, ranging from hills and mountains to river basins, attracting production. Furthermore, the government has an attractive tax credit program that reimburses up to 30 per cent of qualified costs of productions that film within the country. Let us show you the specific locations where the movie was made!

Pokrevenik, Serbia

The majority of the film ‘You Won’t Be Alone was shot in Pokrevenik, a secluded village within the municipal area of Pirot in the eastern part of Serbia. The location scouts picked the country due to the intricate tax incentives offered by the Ministry of Culture. The village is located 700m over sea level. Stara Planina, the mountain region known worldwide by the name Balkan Mountains, lends the region its name.

In addition to its unexplored natural beauty, The village is characterized by distinctive stone houses and roofs made of stone. The team comprised over 150 Serbian citizens, and finding accommodation would be difficult without the friendly welcome from the locals.

Slavko Kostadinovic, who was the main villager and the other village residents, were gracious to the filming team. They allowed the crew to film a portion of the film in their homes, barns and meadows. Some scenes were shot in the forest surrounding. The production team built an apartment out of the village throughout their lengthy stay. In a gesture of appreciation, they assisted in the renovation of the barns and old houses and the access road for the construction and the former ambulance house.

Other locations in Serbia

The majority of the scenes were shot inside The village itself; the crew did venture out on many occasions, taking pictures of the region’s natural beauty. A few scenes were shot in the Stara Planina Mountain, along the river Visocica (or Visochitsa), a right tributary of Temstica. Filming was also conducted in Paklestica, a mountain town near the Visocica river.

Furthermore, the film includes several shots from the Tupavica waterfall. The waterfall is situated close to the Dojkinci village, situated at 1050 meters above sea level. The waterfall is frozen during cold winter days, providing an amazing landscape for visitors. A key sequence was shot at the Petnicka (or Petnica) cave close to the Serbian capital city Valjevo. Research has confirmed that the areas close to the cave’s entrance were among the earliest Neolithic settlements found in Yugoslavia.Annie Kasprzak Murder: Where is Darwin Christopher Bagshaw Now?

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