Which Pokemon Go Team Is The Best To Choose?

Reached Level 5 in Pokemon Go? Now, you must have faced the toughest part, deciding the right team, haven’t you? If you are still perplexed about which Pokemon Go team is the best to choose, then don’t worry, we will let you know very soon all you need. 

The best team to choose in Pokemon Go is Team Mystic which has the most players and thus, you will easily be able to team up and take over most of the gyms, and whenever you evolve a Pokemon, you also receive a much higher CP in comparison to the other teams. However, the other two teams also have their own benefits, so you must know about them as well to independently make your decision based on your needs, so keep reading. 

The most significant part of Pokemon Go is when you are asked to choose the team you want to join in the game out of the three teams available. If you are really serious about the game, you must not just randomly choose any team but be thoughtful and considerate about this to enter the right one. 

If you are not sure of which team is the most appropriate one to be a part of in Pokemon Go, then you will no longer be in doubt once you read this article. 

What Are The Different Teams In Pokemon Go?

Before you decide which team you should enter, you must be aware of all the existing teams and a little information regarding each of them, which will make it much easier for you to filter out the best one for you. 

So, there is a total of three teams in Pokemon Go which the players can select from, these three teams are mentioned below:

1. Team Mystic

The blue color represents Team Mystic. The leader of this team is Blanche and the Mascot of the team is Articuno. 

2. Team Instinct 

The yellow color represents Team Instinct. The leader of this team is Spark and the Mascot is Zapdos. 

3. Team Valor

The Red color represents Team Valor and its leader is Candela while its Mascot is Maltres. 

Which Pokemon Go Team Is The Best To Choose?

While there is not much difference in all the three teams we mentioned above that are available in Pokemon Go, you should still consider some things before entering one. 

Most of the players prefer to enter the team that their real-life friends have also joined in the game, which is not bad, but if you put friendship aside, you must go for the team that will enhance your gameplay. 

For instance, we believe that Team Mystic is a great option, to begin with, the major reason behind this being that this team consists of the maximum amount of players which will make it quicker and thus easier for you to take over the gyms from your opposing teams. 

So, if you are new to the game, you must go for Team Mystic without a second doubt hovering in your mind. 

However, if you are planning to play as an underdog, then we think that you must choose Team Instinct as you won’t find a better team for this purpose. 

However, if, for some reason, you are not interested in Team Mystic and want to work as its rival, only then you must select the Team Valor to play with. 

If you believe that your skills in Pokemon Go are too good to surpass most of the great players, you can help the teams with lower players, like Team Instinct to prove yourself and improve the condition of your team by contributing a great part to it. 

However, there are also certain benefits of entering each team depending on which you can choose which one to join that is in your best interests. 

If we talk about Team Instinct, if you join this team, every time you hatch eggs, they will be hatched at a higher CP and you will receive much more amount of candies as compared to the other two teams in the game. 

In the case of Team Mystic, you will receive a much higher CP of the Pokemon that you evolve in the game. 

Lastly, if you are on Team Valor’s side, you will be able to catch the Pokemon which have much higher CP than the ones the other two teams get, and also at a much better catch rate making it easier for you to catch the Pokemon. 

Wrap Up

We think this is enough for you to decide for yourselves which Pokemon Go team is the best and the most suitable for you, and the answer entirely depends upon what exactly you need and are looking for in the game.

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